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Critical Gamer writes: Have you seen this old episode of The Simpsons? During Marge and Homer's dating period they go and see The Empire Strikes Back and as they leave, passing by a queue of people still waiting to see the movie as they go, Homer says to Marge, "Wow! Who'd have thought that Darth Vader would be Luke Skywalker's father?"

I'm really sorry if I just spoiled that for you. Genuinely. I can only assume you're fresh out the womb if you haven't seen it though, so I hope I'm safe from any potential attempts on my life or other types of revenge. But aren't spoilers a funny thing?

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Pidgeridoo3084d ago

i hate people who spoil games

scruffy_bear3084d ago

I hate when you go to read a review and they don't warn you that there's spoilers in the review and you end up ruining the best bits

DemonStration3084d ago

I think there's a bit of an art to talking about potential spoilers in a game review. I mean you want to discuss the merits of the game, and sometimes the merits are in the story. The problem is that what is or isn't a spoiler is so subjective.

Some people consider "you have teammates" a Mass Effect 2 spoiler, while some people think it's okay to say how the game ends.

Tony P3082d ago

There's no excuse imo.

I was pretty annoyed that BioWare spoiled the ending variations (though not in detail) when discussing ME2.

IDesertFoxI3084d ago

Whilst I don't condone spoiling things for anyone, the last picture in this article is the best graffiti spoiler I have ever seen.

scruffy_bear3083d ago


That's the best spoiler ever

The Iron Sheik3083d ago

"Perhaps inevitably then an individual, vindictive to a level that makes The Bride from Kill Bill seem normal, took to a popular PS3 forum and sent private messages to members en masse declaring who the killer was."

Hey Bungie they are talking about you!

I don't recall PS3 fans trying to spoil 360 games. That is because we don't care. 360 fans like the jealous children they are have started this and have sunk to a new low.

scruffy_bear3083d ago

I've seen a lot of Xbox fan trying to spoil Heavy Rain here on N4G, these people some get a life time ban on N4G

mrv3213083d ago

It's to do with mental age and the games.

PS3 fanboys can point out flaws in 360 exclusive games because in some areas they are flawed
360 owner can't find flaws and since most of them at 10 they resort to spoiling the game.

mjolliffe3083d ago

I hate spoilers, and people who post the latest glitch tutorial online. Just stop ruining our games please!

doodleaalott3083d ago

Lol best spoiler. I think simpsons is good for ruining things.
Why do people moan here lol. You said it might spoil the game :L Lol

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