Videogamer: God of War III Video Review

Videogamer has posted a video review of God of War III.

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Blackmoses3048d ago

first, I love that site "Videogamer" anytime you get quality HD Video reviews in a clean presentation, I'm all for it. Plus the English always "sound" more informed when giving reviews, although they probably aren't. LOL!!!

God of War III, as much as I try not to read too many reviews, watch too many clips and still this point with 3 days remaining... I just can't hold out anymore! Absolutely Positively can not wait for this to drop. The True Hack and Slash King has returned in all his high definition glory! Now if Konami can pull of something like this for Castlevania... then I'll truly be in heaven. Come on Hideo...pull another rabbit out of you hat!

TyroneJones3048d ago

Like they left out the G4TV perfect 10. I can see this happening.