Splinter Cell: Conviction Single-Player Is 7-8 Hours Long

CC: Splinter Cell: Conviction creative director Max Beland has revealed that the games solo campaign will last seven to eight hours on normal difficulty.

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josh143993199d ago

This is worse than i thought to be honest. i hoping that time is at least accurate because when most devs give a length to their games i usually complete them about an hour or two faster than they say.

Pennywise3199d ago

2minutes ago I read it was 30-1000 hours.

Mr_Bun3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

NVM....the comment I just read said up to 35 hours with MP

mjolliffe3199d ago

I read that the whole experience was 30-35 hours. But maybe they're lying, or just lack of communication...

ginsunuva3199d ago

They said Campaign + Co-op + Deniable Ops + standard multiplayer = 35 hours. With Deniable Ops making up 20 hours of it. Why don't they make the solo longer and make the Den.Ops shorter?

nycredude3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

If this is true then I will pass. I refuse to pay for xbox live (my own reasons) so all this other coop and mp stuff is wasted for me. I would rather take a long, absolutely amazing single player over coop and mp any day. ie Uncharted 2, but UC2 has both.

Edit: Can you people at least state in a reply why you disagre? Now everything have to be an argument. We CAN have a civilized conversation here. So do you prefer a good mp game over a single player game? Then I have no doubt we have superior ones out now why would you buy SC? Mag, BF:BC2, MW2!

Xeoset3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

"Patrick Redding told us that Splinter Cell: Conviction would last 12-16 hours"

"Splinter Cell: Conviction to last '30-35 hours' altogether"


EDIT: Bubbles to whoever can sense the irony in my typing...

Bea Arthur3199d ago

Pennywise...that includes all of the co-op and extra modes.

ThanatosDMC3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

If MGS4 speed run can be done in 5hrs for a 18hr long sp game without cinematics, i wonder how fast you could finish this game during a speed run???

Remember guys, it's a stealth game.

thief3199d ago

Well, to put that in context, UC2 playtime was 15 hours on single-player (because I suck at games, not becuase its that long) and maybe 50-60hrs on multiplayer
Which is why I think we should NOT talk about length in hours, because it inherently forces developers to emphasise multi over single player (the CoD syndrome) - and most gamers would hate to see that, I am sure many of us enjoy a well developed single player, and how many multiplayer games do you need anyway?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

7-8 hours just for SP and not counting co-op isn't so bad. Same as GOW3 and GOW3 doesn't have a 8hr co-op or MP game.

van-essa3199d ago

How do you like you double standards, served with cheese or sans?

Adexus3199d ago

@nycredude - You say you prefer UC2 which has an amazing SP experience which I agree on but that can be finished in 5-6 hours, I finished it in 6 and a half on my first run through and it has a co-op mode which is VERY short, if I remember correctly it has 2 or 3 levels?

So I don't know why you're complaining, for all you know SCC has an amazing SP experience just like U2, especially if you're a SC fan, not to mention U2 does have co-op but it can only be played online, not sure about system link but with SC you can play all 2 player modes in split screen, online and system link, so the longevity of SCC is MUCH higher than U2, all that aside, U2 is a brilliant game and my GOTY 2009 and I'm a SC fan so I am anticipating SCC a hell of a lot and I don't think it will disappoint me one bit but that's just my opinion.

himdeel3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

...mention playtime and include both the single player & multiplayer components to the length of playtime. If that's the case a shooters like Resistance 2 or Gears 2 with their multiplayer co-op are 800+ hours long.

Also consider the fact that fans of this genre will run through a normal difficulty setting like a flamethrower through a stick of room temperature butter. So it's kind of un-fair in a way when someone asks developers the length of time to complete their games.

I think a better choice of words for them would have been to say "The games length will vary based on players experience and interest in the series. Ultimately we're looking at around a dozen hours or playtime for the average player."

It usually takes me longer than the average to play most games because I always start on the hardest difficulty available at the start of the game.

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Chubear3199d ago

Game's been in development for approaching 5yrs now. 7hr SP experience? really? Uhmmm, this doesn't sound reassuring. Seems like it'll deliver a regular multiplatform type experience. Good but nothing memorable.

SpaceSquirrel3199d ago

seems short =\ Hopefully, the multiplayer modes are worth it.

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DelbertGrady3199d ago

As long as it's enjoyable I don't care if it's 8, 12 or 40 hours long. Isn't there a co-op campaign and multiplayer as well?

Bea Arthur3199d ago

It's hard to say with conflicting stores. Even if the main campaign is only 7 to 8 hours there will be plenty of co-op and multiplayer. Also don't forget about the beta for GRAW in the summer.

movements3199d ago

It'll be a satisfying stealth ride!

nycredude3199d ago

That is the thing. If it is inly 7 hours, and there is alot of stealth then it's even worse cause playing stealthily takes longer time than just blasting your way through. I have a feeling this Splinter Cell will have more emphasis on action than stealth.

nycredude3199d ago

Not to bash on MGS4, I love the game to death. But take MGS4 for example it tool me 25 hours to finish it on the first run but you can speed run it in under 5 hours, if you are a gaming god of course. Imagine if you speed run this? 2 hours max!

I am kind of disappointed as I don't game on the 360 online cause I refuse to pay for live. I might have to pass on this, at least until the price drops.

kevco333199d ago

Well, anyone can say how long they expect their game to last - it surely depends of the player? FFXIII was supposed to be over sixty hours - took me less than 40.