God of War III uses only 50% of PS3's power, said the Game Director

In a recent interview for UGDB the Game Director of God of War III Stig Asmussen said: "I don't know is we are even close to 50% of PlayStation 3's power at this point."
In another question related to what parts of the game were ripped off and are not in the final version, Stig is talking for the first time ever for character named Exion, Cyclops as nearly big as titans, and one huge titan encounter that can come in the form of DLC. Stig is also talking for his dream project, who might play Kratos in God of War movie, what experiments the studio has tried with the save system, what to expect form the upcoming six-issue comic book, and when we should meet Kratos' brother.

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chak_3084d ago

That's great news for gaming =)

snaz273084d ago

but sorry i cant believe that.. why isnt the game 1080p rock solid 60fps then? Look the game is damn hot! Best lookin game etc, i cant wait! But 50 percent? Hmmm nah.

Jamie Foxx3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I believe it all comes down to engine refinement,you have to realise that as amazing as gow3 looks this is technically a first generation title for santa monica,take kz2... it looked amazing but had no split screen etc and was a first generation title for guerilla,I bet kz3 will blow k2 away graphically and incoroporate split screen co-op etc.

Another developer to confirm my point is ND, noone thought there could be a vast difference between u1 and u2 but look at what they gave us,it blew u1 away and scooped more awards than any other videogame in history.

So I definately believe stig,they have the engine its all about refinement now

snaz273084d ago

and im not saying they cant improve the engine, or they cant make a better looking game, but if gow3 only uses 50 percent power why didnt they up the fps and resolution? i just cant believe 50 percent for gow3 sorry.

tdogchristy903084d ago

didn't they already say that they lowered the fps rate due to theatrical reasons. Saying that putting it at 60fps in some parts just wouldn't go with the flow of GOW?

dustgavin3084d ago

Well, why is 360 just now releasing titles like Alan Wake? Because they needed time to work on the system and figure out the best way to utilize what is offered to them. Ps3 came out a year after 360 and developers still need time to make the most efficient use of the cell.

Danteh3084d ago

holy sh!t, then when a game uses 100% of its power what's gonna happen?

Maybe it's so realistic that the characters go out of the TV like in the Ring, sh!t I don't wanna be raped by Kratos :(


....or Sackboy (disturbing yeah xD)

snaz273084d ago

and that doesnt explain why its not 1080p... as for alan wake, it uses loads of fog (old skool tricks) and i still dont think it looks that good, and its not out yet, come on people i know there can be improvements, but u really believe 50 percent?

nycredude3084d ago


You have to understand that the differenct to the naked eye between 720p and 1080p is very minimal so to the tradeoff vs benefit isn't worth the time and resources required. They have already stated that they slow down the action (fps) purposely in order to let you soak in the action in the game. If you really think that the Ps3 is maxed out 3 years in you're naive. They will/can always optimize the code and squeeze more out.

plb3084d ago

I don't believe this because I recall during development they had to remove bits cause it's couldn't maintain steady frames.

Rhythmattic3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Maybe they have realized they only discovered 50% ???

either way, its a big call, after all GOW3 looks like the shiznits........

without wanting to sound like a FB, The GOW3 demo change my impressions..... And that was the E3 code.

Oh boy, really looking forward to getting this game.

WEIW.. Im with snaz27

Dannagar3084d ago

Well then they should have used the other 50% to get the friken frame rate up to pare with God of War 1 and 2.

KiRBY30003084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

hey man, i think you're getting the wrong idea.

when Rockstar released GTA III on the PS2, they used all the power they can from the hardware. then a few years later they released GTA San Andreas and it was still on the PS2 (same power) but the scale of the game was 5 times bigger, the characters were more detailed, there were tons of new vehicles, new gameplay elements, much more diversity on the environment, new lighting effects etc...

so, its fair to say GTA III probably used only 50% of the PS2 power, but when it came out it was hard to believe cause it was already impressive.

GOW3 game director is basically saying the same thing, he says GOW3 use about 50% of the potential. i think it might not be far from the truth. developpers will still be making games for the PS3 in 4 years, do you really think we're not gonna see ANY improvement in the graphic department? come on, PS1 and PS2 already proved that. just look at the gap between the early and late titles.

Guerilla said KZ2 uses 60%, i totally believe that, even if their game look crazy good. you do not max out a console with your FIRST GAME. GOW is Santa Monica's FIRST PS3 GAME.

snaz273084d ago

and what would they have to sacrifice to make the game 1080p if they are only using 50%? also it cant be that hard to do 1080p, if you can adjust resolution on a pc easilly? and you call me naive when you can belive god of war 3 uses only 50% power? lol... im saying yes they can no doubt improve the engine and make an even better looking game, but twice as good looking? nah i dont think so... maybe i am completely wrong but my logical mind just cant believe 50%... if he said like 80% i could say yeah maybe... i bet thet optimised god of war 3 to use 100% just like ND did with U2, that not to say they cant make improvements to squeeze out more tho.

rockleex3084d ago

Me saying Naughty Dog should have just made Uncharted 1 in 1080p 60fps after they realize that they only used 50% of the PS3's power.

Why should they? Refining the engine to reach 1080p 60fps would require another two years of work.

Which in that time, they could just release Uncharted 1 and then make Uncharted 2 with their newly refined engine.

By the way, most developers will opt for 720p at 30fps so they will save a lot more resources for the rest of the game.

But if you want 1080p 60fps games, just look at Wipeout HD and Gran Turismo 5 and Prologue.

Raf1k13084d ago

I understand what snaz is saying and kind of agree too.

GoW3 using 50% of it's power now and using 50% after engine refinement are not the same. If GoW3 is actually using 50% of the PS3s power then surely they wouldn't have needed to include a few pre-rendered scenes for the parts that were 'too epic' to do in-game.

'some scenes were just to epic to run real time and thus are recorded videos' http://www.playstationunive...

That's pretty much why I find this hard to believe.

nycredude3084d ago


IMo I think you are making too much out of nothing. 50% is just a freaking arbitrary number. So what if the actual number is different. He was asked a question and he answered it to the best of his knowledge. you seem to be of the opinion that he knowingly lied about the number. My guess is it was just a guestimate, so why take it so seriously. The only thing that matters is that there will be even better looking games in the future for us, and that has me very, very excited. How much good looking? We don't know but I can't wait to find out. Just look at the strides that have been made in just 3 years!

snaz273084d ago

ive already said improvement can be made! but they are saying god of war 3 used only 50% and im saying i dont believe it did! or does... come on man look at that game! ND said they maxed out the ps3... then they said that they could still improve though... god of war 3 then come out looking better (slightly) than U2... like i said in my previous post i think god of war 3 uses all of the ps3 power, but yes they can optimize further for sure... twice as much though? hmmmm sorry i just dont think so. but yes we aint seen the best the ps3 can do yet.

The Maxx3084d ago

LOL good job man, you beat me too it.

Looks like Santa Monica is Flip-Flopping around a bit with their information. Maybe the PS3 is so powerful, the true power of the PS3 is uncertain so Santa Monica just have to guess as to how much their game is pushing the hardware that they are developing on....

Jdoki3084d ago

Time and money snaz!

At some point the game had to be released. A developer could spend forever tweaking their games for optimum performance.

Just because they claim they are only using 50% of the PS3 doesn't mean the remaining 50% is easy to unlock, or that we may see games that are twice as good as GoW3 graphically.

Unlocking the other 50% may lead to more subtle refinements - Like better AI. More enemies on screen. Better lighting and particle effects etc. Not necessarily better graphics or a more solid frame rate.

Developing is a trade off. Do you invest time/money in optimising the engine when it slows down in only 1% of the entire game - or do you use that time and money to improve other areas. Just because the console has a lot of power, doesn't mean it comes for free.

silvacrest3084d ago

im no dev but maybe the time + development + cost is not worth using 100% power

also, i was thinking sony dont wanna blow their load yet so like we have seen almost every ps3 exclusive looks better then the one before, perhaps that is planned?

snaz273084d ago

there you are assuming what im saying again! when did i say he lied? im saying i dont believe it! but hey maybe he does? i dont know... either way i think its a fairly silly thing to say, knowing how people will jump on it... and if and when god of war 4 comes out i just know people will say... why doesnt it look twice as good as 3? they said they only used 50% last time etc etc.... indeed these numbers are plucked from thin air... so my point is why use them? ofcourse he could say that he believes they can improve the engine and make an even better game... id have no problem with that, but saying god of war 3 may not even use 50% is just a bit silly and over the top... i dont really care and i also look forward to further releases to see what they can do, but i wish devs wouldnt say things like this.

tuglu_pati3084d ago

This guys have no credibility, when they stated before the game was using the 100% ef the PS3. Make up your minds...

Serg3084d ago

They said they were slowing down the game on purpose to 24 FPS, which is the default FPS for movies. They said this made the game experience more cinematic and, based on what I've heared about the game so far, there is not a single dull moment in there so, they probably made the right choice.

And how FPS can make a difference, a movie at 24 FPS feels better on the eyes, believe it or not, than a 26 FPS movie, because the human eye can capture 24 frames a second.

We had to make a short movie as a school project and purposely locked the FPS at 24 vs. the camera's default 30. The outcome was that our teacher gave us the best mark for providing the most professional piece. The other groups left the FPS untouched and had more in common with an amateur party video than a movie.

raztad3084d ago

[email protected]

I would take Stig word over yours ANYTIME!

50% mofos!

While snaz points seem valid there is some stuff he is just overlooking. This is Sony Santa Monica we are talking here. The same people that made GoW1 and GoW2. GoW2 >> MGS3, BlACK, Bornout:Revenge, SoTC, FFXII. I remember reviewers stating how every new game "pushed the console to its limits", still GoW2 trounced them all.

FF to current gen. UC2 devels were saying they pushed the PS3 to its limits, and then GoW3 came in and surpassed it. Is it possible the "limits" are not that clear?

If the game director of GoW3 says x%. I believe him. As we speak those guy are improving their engine and their next game will surpass GoW3.

BTW, if I remember correctly GoW3 is up for a 3D patch.

van-essa3084d ago

"During a developer walkthrough a developer let the details known that
God of War 3 does indeed use all the processors to look as good as

It clearly says it uses all the processors, but that doesn't mean it uses 100% of the PS3's power. The title, as usual is misleading.

Neither the PS3 or the X360 are maxed out yet.

snaz273084d ago

look i hear you and i do understand that, however, i dont see how wacking more eneemies or particle effects on screen will take that much time and money... if gow3 is using 50% power then surely they could just add more enemies easilly? and up the fps? easilly? even add more partocle effects? i mean making the characters from scrath is what takes the time no? then doing the ai engine etc, basically the bare bones and the undelying engine (the stuff we dont see) but when they have the tools made surely its just a case of implimenting them? so they could add as much as the engine and system can handle, more so the system id say... so i just dont think what you say holds weight... i knew id get so many people disagree with me lmao

hay3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

@snaz27: See, software development is quite complex. You can't max out specific hardware in one go cause of many limitations and design decisions. They could make it 1080p with MSAA and 60fps but there are few things that need to be pointed out.
1. Optimisation. I'd take significant amoung of time, and time is money.
2. If they made it that way, there would be lesser space for improvement.

Software dev can't afford to put all ideas in the game cause of time, money and resources. And there are sequels and further projects. Some ideas and tech tricks that Santa Monica couldn't afford to put in GoW3 will go to their next game.

By the time they'll release the game they'll start work on next project with space for more and more improvements.

50% is absolutely believeable. It's little more than 3 years in PS3 life span.

Take Jak II or pretty much any late 2003 game for an example and compare them to GoW2 or FF12 technically speaking.
Now take current games on PS3 and use the same idea going to 2012 or 2013.

nycredude3084d ago


And you didn't read my comment correctly.

Why are you making such a fuss over nothing, just an arbitrary number. Can we just go back to talking about how awesome a game we will be getting on MOnday! I can't wait. Who really cares about this seriously!? Damn you people get all riled up over nothing! It's just a number! He was asked a question that NO ONE can answer accurately so he threw a number out there. Here is his exact quote, with the emphasis on I don't know, meaning this is a guess:

"Absolutely, we can do much more with it. [I don’t know] if we are even close to 50% of PlayStation 3’s power at this point."

KiRBY30003084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

i love how people think the devs somehow left out 50% of power on purpose.

of course they used 100% of the power available. they're not gonna use only half of it just for fun, geez. he's talking about the potential of what is doable with the PS3. this is about optimizing the power, using the same quantity of power for better result. read my post above. you can use 100% of the power of something and do sh!t with it.

did you guys start playing this gen? cause i clearly remember games looking better every year or so on my PS1 and PS2. GTA3 to GTA SA is a great exemple. also remember the 3D combat in FF7, then FF8 then FF9. the graphic improvement was great. everybody thought the PS2 max out at some point, then GOW2 came out and everybody craped their pants.

3084d ago
Jdoki3084d ago


I think people take these figures too literally.

You only need look at past consoles to see that over the life of a console the games look better and better.

Think of game development as an RPG. Developers start out as newbs on a project, building XP by writing code. At first they think they'll never take down the bosses and never get much stronger. And sometimes they even get owned by low level mobs.

But after tackling a few problems and hacking through code they eventually level up. Unlocking more features and allowing them to one-shot those low level problems. Sometimes they will also get some new tools from a vendor like Sony's ICE team!

With consoles the issue is that developers don't know what the level cap is!!

dude_uk3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Sony SM, said that they didn't even optimize the game, they just made it and run it on the PS3 without optimizations, so its probably right saying that they haven't used all its power, since software can ALWAYS improve.

and to you blaze, ANY game, old or new, that you put into the PS3 will "max" it out, since its the engine that's using the processing power.

So if you upgrade the engine, you will be able do the same things while using less processing power, hence the statement Mr. Stig said is correct, even thought it is just a ball park figure.

And to back this up even further, just have a look at uncharted 1 and then 2, Naughty Dog said that both maxed out the PS3, but if you take Uncharted 2 and Compare it to God Of War 3, GoW3 just looks a lot better and in a much, MUCH, larger scale.

xTruthx3084d ago

Wow blaze thx for showing us a 1 year old link LOL, you know how much it has passed from then ? all the tweaks they could of made to the engine ?
But hey, who am I going to believe? people using 1 year old links or the developer which has backed up hes word ?

Redempteur3084d ago

100% of the power = all the cells used ( kinda like uncharted 2 )

but it use only 50% of the overall power ps3 has for them ...

with their knowloedge , if they had more time they could surely use more power .. and i'm pretty sure their next game will use the remaining %

snaz273084d ago

i didnt missread your comments, and i didnt make a big deal out of it, i merely said i dont believe it uses 50% then loads of people replied to me so i replied back lmao... then you go on about how im naive for saying the ps3 is maxed out, and i didnt say that... then you said im saying or thinking stig lied. and i never said or thought that.... which is a bit off to be honest... arent i allowed my opinion? i dont believe it, ok... and even people are saying that ofcourse they used 100% of the power but now they can optimise... and i agree with that completely! so what i said was right no? i think its you who should just chill out man, im not being negative towards SM or ps3, im just saying what i think! ok? just putting it out there... im just not gonna blindly come in here going wow imagine a game using 100% then etc etc. cos its just stupid imo.

captain-obvious3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

im playing this game right now
and i f*cking l o v e it

if you cant believe me PM me and i'll add you
by the way it looks waaaaaaaaay better than the E3 demo and those screen shots
and i can confirm few things
just like MGS4
the cut scenes and the game play is all real time
i mean one second your watching the cut scene and then you play with out black out's or loading

loading is very minimal
the only loading i got is when im dead ( reastarting form the last cheack point )
it runs very smooth
a lot of details

boss fight are E P I C
i swear to god im playing the game with chill bumps and a tear in my eye
that who epic this game is
any one with a qustion feel free to ask

Fanb0y3084d ago

Sure, it can use 50% of the PS3's Cell. However, it might have used almost 100% of its available RAM/memory. Never in a game is 100% of a processor used.

DaTruth3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Did it ever occur to you that when creating the engine, before they knew everything they wanted to do, that they chose 720p and only realized after the entire game was finished that they could have done more? Are they gonna go back and rewrite the entire engine when the game looks amazing?

Did it occur to you that 1080p is more than double the resolution of 720p and 50% + 51% = 101%, more power than the PS3 could handle? Did it occur to you that even if there was just enough to handle 1080p, that they would have been cutting it a bit close and they might of had to compromise their vision for the game?

Stop being fanboys and just enjoy the damn games!

@Captain-obvious:"any one with a qustion feel free to ask." where do you live? Can I come over?

@Snaz: judging by your bubble count you are not a fanboy, so my post wasn't directed entirely at you! Well, the fanboy calling part!

snaz273084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

right i guess your comment was aimed mainly at me as i was the one metioning 1080p... right first of all im no fanboy i just use logic and say what i think ok? the fact your using the term fanboy then write that rediculous comment is laughable... your saying then by your awesome maths equation that resolution is all that a game needs? lmao and is the only thing that uses computational power? f**kin hell dude! and if 1080p is so hard to do how come on a pc you can increase or decrease resolution to above 1080p at will!!!! someone up top said it would take 2 years lmao... anyway this is my last bubble and to be honest this thread really gave me a headache from the rediculous comments... atleast some got me so i can take that positive away with me... my god some people though! lol... oh and captain obvious! you suck! lol... i mean that in a nice way lmao (just jealous) enjoy the game bud, take care everyone else.
edit: i see your edit, and no problem lol...

inveni03084d ago

The PS3 has 2 terraflops of theoretical power. That's 4x the amount of power in the fastest intel core i7. Believe me...they're not even close. Will they ever be? Probably not. Deadlines are what put the cramps on refinement.

DaTruth3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I was referring to those agreeing with you as fanboys!

You were just wrong!

720p = 921600 pixels, 1080p = 2073600 pixels.

1080p is 2.25 times bigger than 720p!

1080p wouldn't work. Or it would be too close to call!

Edit: PC games are made to be scalable to work on many ranges of system hardware! PS3 games are made to work on standard PS3 hardware!

PotNoodle3084d ago

Developers say "we're using 100% of the SPE's" meaning they are utlising them all, the media re-translate that as 100% of the power. Which is wrong.

saint_john_paul_ii3084d ago

theres a difference between taking advantage of more processing power and pushing the system to its limit.

Oner3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

@ van-essa to Blaze929 (which also applies to tuglu_pati & The Maxx)

""During a developer walkthrough a developer let the details known that
God of War 3 does indeed use all the processors to look as good as

It clearly says it uses all the processors, but that doesn't mean it uses 100% of the PS3's power. The title, as usual is misleading.

Neither the PS3 or the X360 are maxed out yet."

DING DING DING! We have a winner with good reading comprehension skills!...although I don't really agree with your 360 is NOT maxed out yet comment ;)

sikbeta3084d ago

God of War III IS BEAST and uses only 50% of PS3's power, My GOD, I can't even try to think How Amazing the Next Santa Monica Game will Be...

trickytricksps3603084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

BULLSHIT!! look it proably aint using all of the ps3s power and no doubt we will see better looking games on the way but 50% nah not fooling anyone. if you belive that then tell me why it aint running at 60fps with full 1080p support and like 8x anti alising? ps3 is very powerful , the most powerful home console ever but it aint that powerful!! they even alluded to memory being a issue at some pionts in the gttv interview? contradiction much?

Yipee Bog3084d ago

Has some serious English flaws.

Simon_Brezhnev3084d ago

just like the downlow 360 fanboy blaze to look for a 1 year old link good job

namyrb3084d ago

Playing at 30fps vs 60fps does affect the flow of the game. It does make it more theatrical.

Try watching a movie in 60p rather than 23.976p... you're probably not going to find one.

DevastationEve3084d ago

This is how you impress PS3 owners; by making them believe their console is suddenly a black hole vortex of power for "only" $600.

Jeez, only 50%...yeah right. 720p and variable 30-60 fps, so...why didn't they go 100% and give us 1080p and 60 fps? Either a) they're screwing gamers over or b) it's not true. Are they saying they only used 256MB of memory, lol?

They make good games but it seems that making games for PS3 entitles them to making hokey statements. Just say there's more to do, since there always is.

SQWERCH3084d ago

"God of War 3 does indeed use all the processors to look as good as

NeoBasch3084d ago

oh, so now we're back down to 50 lol

Case and point, there will always be something you can optimize.

beardpapa3084d ago

snaz, increasing the resolution wouldn't really benefit most of us here. I don't really see much of a difference between 720p and 1080p aside from sharper text. But do I really care for sharper smaller text? ME2 was a bit difficult to read.

I think when the majority of us start having 60inch+ tvs, that's when 1080p will really outshine 720p. For now 720p is fine on my 40in.

Also, the fps they said was purposely lowered in some parts for cinematic effect. Sorta like watching movies where in some instances the frame rate is slower than normal just because the director wanted it that way. If i remember, the movies Vantage Point and The International also had intentional frame rate drops for effect purposes.

Karum3084d ago

You say you understand the point about refinement, yet go on to question it. It's almost like you're that 6 year old responding to a perfectly reasonable answer with "why?"

What Stig is saying is not that the game itself only uses 50% of the PS3's power, rather that although they have seemingly maxed out the current iterations of their tech, he's not sure whether or not they've only tapped into about 50% of what the hardware can handle.

The answer to your question on why they haven't bumped say framerate or w/e is indeed engine refinement. As the software evolves it will make better use of the hardware potential and you'll see resolution and framerate increase.

jack_burt0n3084d ago


Your thinking like a pc gamer, they probably have no interest in locking 60fps and 1080p because using power for other things makes a much better game, it makes more sense to run the AA, physics, and animation on the spu's and getting a handle on refining eight threads. Which is only ever done on ps3 and its locked hardware.

Then 50% becomes a reality because look at the salary guys working the cell are getting paid!

shadow27973084d ago

KiRBY3000, seems to be the only one who actually gets it.

You're taking "power" too literally. The only "power" computers have comes from the electrical socket.

Stig is talking about potential. Sony Santa Monica did not say, "Hey, we have all this extra 'power' laying around, should we use it?" "Nah, that sounds like too much work. This will do."

God of War III is optimized to the best of their ability at this time. You can't just say "Well why isn't it 1280p locked at 120 fps?" This is the best they can do right now.

There are tricks to be learned - much more efficient ways to program things, etc. All Stig is saying is that he thinks the PS3 could potentially do twice as much. That is, if it's perfectly optimized and as efficient as possible, uses all the tricks possible, and pushes the PS3 right up to the breaking point.

It's theoretical, essentially. Sony Santa Monica will learn better ways to do things, as will every other studio. But sadly, there will never be a game that uses 100% of the PS3's potential. It just won't happen, there's always better ways to do something. As time moves on, people will get closer to realizing that potential. The same is true for the Xbox 360, and Wii.

Tachyon_Nova3083d ago

Its the power of the cell! What a load of BS. All that means is that you guys are F'ing slack or just plain poor tech developers if its true.

Even though I lol at people who think the cell is the most powerful CPU available (think about it guys, why would intel not develop their own version and sell it for 200 bucks instead of developing the i7 6 core, which according to you guys is less powerful, and sell it for 1000 bucks. Get REAL!!!!), he is likely to actually be referring to the CPU. This is not to say that it is uber powerful, merely to say that the ultra low end graphics card and RAM quantity are limiting factors, meaning that they become overloaded before the CPU does.

kevnb3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

if it only uses 50%, what are they doing with the other 50%? @ namyrb, a 60 fps movie would only be better than a 27.96 fps movie if the movie was filmed at 60 fps, you cant upconvert the framerate (doubling frames doesn't really do anything).

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GR8 13084d ago

Yeah sure it does these Sony developers sure like talking out of their Butt Hole also why does GOW3 frame rate drops to 20FPS which makes the game unbearable to play. Even this other AAA game on xbox360 looks head & shoulders above gow3 and the Frame Rate doesn't drop.

The Reviewers have spoken and have passed judgment over GOW3 and those scores weren't 10/10 so that should give everyone an idea of what to expect from GOW3.

Darkeyes3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

360's 100% can't even match PS3s 50% LMFAO...

Bububu TEH REACH!!!! LMAO capped off at 30FPS with Sub-HD graphics going against a game with Moving beasts on top of moving beasts at 60FPS and HD graphics...

Master Queef shats his pants if he would see Kratos coming at him... Even Gods can't escape his wrath lol Bubu Master Queef LMAO.

God_Of_Epicness3084d ago

Go die and burn in hell GR8_I (Bungie)

Pennywise3084d ago

Butt hole? Child confirmed.

gtamike1233084d ago

Too young to buy the game confirmed.

AngryTypingGuy3083d ago

I really do hope that every Sony fanboy actually believes that games will end up looking twice as good as GOW 3 on the PS3 because they will be disappointed in the end. If a game looks twice as good (or 100% better) than GOW 3, then it would pretty much look like a movie, right? I think we're still a gen or two away from that.

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 3083d ago
Darkeyes3084d ago

PS3 pushing boundaries once again... If that thing is 50%, then I can't imagine what 100% would be like...

Just out of curiosity, what does 50% on PS3 equate to that of the 360....

What Would Kratos Do3084d ago

In terms of storage space on the disc. I think a minimum of 140%