Final Fantasy XIII Review : AOTF

Prior to this review Final Fantasy was a historical gaming afterthought. A game from my youth that was legendary at the time and all but forgotten and considered relevant in my gaming world today. It was pleasant re-connection with the series, as it offerred much more than I had either hoped or expected. The brilliant visuals, and excellent new combat system were both done exceptionally well. Stand alone these great features are enough to hook many gamers long enough to trek through the 10's of hours of gameplay. But the real star here is the story of Final Fantasy XIII, and Square Enix gets this right, in a big way.

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FanboyAttack3197d ago

I couldn't disagree more. Final Fantasy was a fail. The developers even came out and said they didnt put stuff in the game for lack of time. Personally, if you dont have the time to make a complete game. Dont make the damn game then. FFXIII Lost me,and I have been a fan for awhile. I wont be wasting my money on the next game.

3197d ago
poe3197d ago

I bet neither one you even play the game and are talking out your ****. Final Fantasy XIII is amazing. If you can't put aside the BS thats coming out of you it's obvious why you don't like the game. You have these preconceived notions that the game could be better if it was PlayStation exclusive and thats just not true. It was a matter of time the developers said, not effort. You are gonna miss out on a lot of good games if you continue to think that way.

FanboyAttack3197d ago

That BS? The developer said that they didnt have the time to put some stuff in they wanted to. That was some pretty important stuff. Mini games, Towns, it would have made the game better. I personally just dont think that developers should be rewarded for sub par efforts. Final Fantasy is Amazing? LOL Amazingly Bad.

poe3197d ago

Ok, if it's so bad then tell me three things that were "amazingly bad" about the game. Not just things you didn't like but things that were "amazingly bad"

FanboyAttack3197d ago

Game was totally straight forward for the first 2/3 , It wasn't like an RPG it was more like one big cinematic with a couple battles thrown in, No mini games or towns to explore there was no exploration in the game, and thats kinda the point of RPG's

math3197d ago

Instead of arguing about it you should try it.. Fun game.

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Pozzle3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

See, the great thing about the Final Fantasy series is that...even if you don't like FFXIII (for whatever reason), the next game in the series will be totally different. And the next. And the next.

It's pretty silly to say that you'll never play another FF game again because you disliked FFXIII, when every FF game is different and other titles in the series could very well suit your tastes.