God of War 4 Could use Full Power of the PS3?

Two weeks ago, HipHopGamer was invited to Santa Monica Studio for a tour to check out God of War 3 and also to ask the developers some questions about the forthcoming PS3 title God of War 3.

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omodis4203174d ago

cant wait for this game

TrevorPhillips3174d ago

Me neither bro its gonna be the king of all games for this year

jazzking20013174d ago

could? if not the game is using a lot of the ps3s power already

TrevorPhillips3174d ago

It sure is bro, but stig said they could pull out more power from the PS3 now that's some crazy poop there

GR8 13174d ago

GOW3 is already Maxed ps3 out take for instant in gow3 frame drops to 20FPS most of the time and it's unbearable to play..........So no their is no more juice left to squeeze out of ps3.

Pennywise3174d ago

I bet the zit you call a head has more juice to squeeze out of it.

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