9.5 Review: God of War 3 (PS3) writes :-

Kratos eh – he's a bit of a boisterous wag don't you think? Not content with laying waste to a very large chunk of Greek mythologies more prominent characters he now wants to take down Zeus himself. – as he also turns out to be Kratos's father there is a serious Starwars fetish at work here! We find ourselves starting the game at the exact point we left it in God of War II. Namely Kratos has managed to whip the elemental Titans up into a battle ready frenzy to take down Zeus. The camera pans in on Titans clambering Mount Olympus and there, riding on the back of tree-hugging Titan Gaia, is Kratos, all the while screaming bloody murder at the top of his voice. Zeus sends forth his last remaining loyal Gods to take care of Kratos and the ensuing Titan horde. Thus we step into the action as Kratos rides upon Gaia whilst fending off the attacks from Poseidon in the form of water based snake creatures and a plethora of generic henchmen. So from this point on we will keep things as spoiler free as possible – let's face it did you really come to God of War III for the story arc?

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