Intel Core i7-980X: when four cores aren't enough

PSW: "Intel has announced its latest Extreme Edition processor, the Core i7-980X. Like the recently released 2010 Clarkdale lineup, the i7-980X brings Intel's turbo boost and hyperthreading technologies to the 32nm process. The i7-980X is also Intel's first processor with six physical cores, offering increased system performance in gaming applications."

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steve30x3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

I cant understand why some people pay such redicilous prices for such Processors. Also I dont think a six core CPU is much use at the moment. This processor is for those with more money than common sense in my opinion.

Letros3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

While perfect capable, it's not meant for gamers, it will be fully used with stuff like 3ds max and maya, video editing & encoding, etc, professional stuff, oddly enough it's not available for Macs atm.

Software will catch on soon enough, Intel's $1000 prices are merely "because we can".

steve30x3055d ago

It still doesnt make any sense to pay so much for that CPU when in about 6 months or a year from now a CPU just as capable at quarter the price will be available.

PotNoodle3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

And which is that? Because it is unlikely to be any AMD CPU. Yeah, it'll be much cheaper, but it won't match the performance and quality. I don't know why people have not accepted this yet, AMD have great prices vs performance setups for their CPUs, but don't match the speed.

I'm almost sure AMD know this too, they can't match the massive R&D budget Intel have, so they focus on what they are good at, going for mainstream powerful CPUs, while not being expensive.

DJKGBYF3054d ago

It's things like this that make people think you have to spend $3000 or more to build a computer that can max the settings.

PotNoodle3054d ago

Anyway, why is this useful?

For media! I bet you see one of these or a similar one with the same architecture in the new Mac pro's. Same with PC, for those massive media programs on the PC, they will take huge advantage of this.

I think people have taken in the whole "Todays applications don't use multiple cores" to heart, because many of the regular applications don't - its true. But games have been optimised for multiple cores now for a good few years.

But that isn't where the advantage comes into, it is the large media applications that do.

tdrules3054d ago

and why did people spend 599 DORRARS in 2006 for a PS3 knowing full well it would be cheaper.
because they could.

steve30x3054d ago

If you say so deathrow. Its always the case that Intel will bring out a CPU cheaper and just as good as their expensive (Overpriced Extreme CPU) at least 12 months after the Extreme CPU's are released.

Also why cant you get it into your head that I never once mentioned AMD nor did I mean AMD will bring out one just as good at quarter the price.

This CPU is overpriced wether you like it or not.

PotNoodle3054d ago

"Also why cant you get it into your head that I never once mentioned AMD nor did I mean AMD will bring out one just as good at quarter the price.

This CPU is overpriced wether you like it or not."

I'm not sure where this "Why cant you get it into your head" stuff, you had never replied to me before and only one reply was about AMD. I assumed you were talking about AMD because intel don't usually undercut themself in 6 months - 12 months... and not at quarter of the price. That is just silly.

As for it being overpriced, maybe a bit, but people would be willing to pay for the extra performance this gives. This sort of equipment is nearly essential in certain industries, they need the best all the time - so this will be more than worth it.

Spiderman3054d ago

Can you people not understand that these processors arent just made for PC gamers..

Think of all the game designers, video editors, 3d moddelers, animators etc etc that use computers. All those things are extreamly reliant on CPU processing power. So the more you got, the faster it gets done.

ATi_Elite3054d ago

Six core CPu? Well I guess some people have never heard of a Server or a Work Station? You should get out more. 4 and 6 core CPu's grant more ability to multitask from a single computer source when connected through a network shared by many.

You can easily tell the difference from a server using a 4 core Cpu vs. a 6 core cpu. The speed, responce time, and multitasking capabilities are greatly improved.

Software will eventually catch up to the 4 and six core CPU's. I hope somewhere in some dark damp rat infested room some evil genius is hammering out code for Physx to take advantage of 4 or 6 core Cpu's through opengl and not a stupid Ageia GPU.

evrfighter3054d ago

lol Extreme Editions have been this price since....I can remember really.

Pentium 4 EE's are still selling at a grand if you can believe that (see link). These are not aimed for the pc gamer or average pc user

zag3054d ago

Steve, This processor won't ever really become cheap.

This isn't a standard I7 CPU it's a new version much like the Xenon CPUs those are still over the 1000 mark, and blow away all the standard CPUs easy even the I7 ones.

This CPU can handle 12 hyper threads and is unlocked as well.

Seems it give the ATI 5890 some extra legs but the CPU still becomes a bottle neck if you can believe it.

steve30x3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Your reading skills are top notch Zag. Especially when you think I said this CPU will be cheap at some time , which is something I never said. Also the cpu will only bottleneck the gpu if you use resolutions below 1680 x 1050 otherwise its all gpu power. read that carefully. it will give you all the info you need. Especialy read the section called scaling the ups and downs.

@Krayze Bone: I have a quad core Q6600 overclocked myself and I also know of high powered servers , but have you ever heard of Gamers that buy CPU's like this just for benchmarking and playing games? I know of a few sites with people who jump at CPU's like this just for gaming and becnchmarking. I agree that its good for businesses that need high powered CPU's would benefit from a CPU like this but for a gamer or benchmarker this a total waste of money. A Core i5 or Core I7 quad core is good enough for gaming for now.

@Deathrow: I was not talking about AMD because I know that at the moment AMD's CPU's cant compete with Intel's CPU's performance wise yet (not sure if they will catch up). Also Intel always bring out better CPU's within 12 months and I know Intel will bring out a CPU just as capable as this one at a lot lower price (usualy around quarter the price)in at least 12 months. Its not undercutting themselves its just the way technology is going these days.

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swice3054d ago

...I could benefit from this. However $1000 bucks is something I cannot manage. I should really be buying a Mac, but I love building computers.

Dudes, it's all about what you use it for. I see no problem in building a semi-high end AMD system for really good gaming and for spending less. But for Pro apps that don't involve gaming, Intel is the way to go.

steve30x3054d ago

Unless you sh*t money or your business needs it then this cpu is'nt worth the money.

ATi_Elite3053d ago

Waste of money as it isn't THAT much better than a six core AMD Opteron. Heck you can get a six core Opteron for like $739. Still a huge chunk of dough.

Basically if your rich have fun with it if not then your not missing much. No reason to debate it when the bang for buck is non existent.

Quads do just fine for those of us that don't own Private Jets and Yatchs.

SaiyanFury3054d ago

I don't know. I've been using Windows 7 for a year or so now, and my Core 2 Quad Q6700 works very well, with games included. Window 7 rated my video card 7.4 with no overclocking. It rated my CPU highly with 7.3out of a maximum 7.9 rating. I feel that modern quad cores have plenty of processing power. So what if I don't have something more? Most people getting PCs these days with Windows 7 are equipped with dual-cores, and Windows works well with them. I'm satisfied with my Core 2 Quad, and have no reason to change out to a new i7. 4 cores is enough for me, and I won't be changing that opinion anytime soon.

ATi_Elite3054d ago

For home and gaming use a core i5 i7 or AMD 955 965 are more than enough. The six core cpu's are a must for servers and workstations where heavy video editing is in use and only a "Look what I got" for desktops for those with extra disposable income.

I can't afford one but if you gave me a 6 core I would use it.

Anything involving Video editing needs all the power it can get to cut down on time and increase quality. Not to mention allow greater multitasking without slowing down your RIG.

As far as games, hell most work is being off loaded to the GPU. 2011 GpGPu's arrive and they will take even more work away from the cpu in games and applications.

mrv3213054d ago

I'm not a big PC guy or anything, the last game I play was Command and COnquer: TS and that was yesterday. But I adore how there's few fanboys in articles like this.

Well done PC community for being a reasonable and intelligent gaming community.

PotNoodle3053d ago

Its true, and its why i do like to play the majority of my online games on PC.

You'll get a "Good game" from the opposing team after a game finishes, you won't get a barrage of insults and racism from 12 year olds screaming over their headsets.

Of course, you still get your idiots - but there is usually a common respect for others online on many PC games, generally because of the higher cost of entry holds back the kids and that many pc gamers have been at it for years.

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