Sony: PS3 Move shovelware is 'a concern'

CVG: Sony has pledged to avoid an avalanche of party game 'shovelware' being released for PS3 Move - calling the prospect "a concern".

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MajestieBeast2836d ago

If they keep it like they did with psn games then we will see minimal shovelware.

sinncross2836d ago

E3 will be a better showcase when the demos are no longer in pre-alpha stage.

Def Warrant2836d ago

I agree. E3 will give us a better insight of how well the PS Move and it's games perform. Any judgement now is foolish.

tiamat52836d ago

Exactly. Everyone these days are always judging things on demos and pre-alpha stages. I mean look at God of War 3 how drastically it changed from the E3 demo. I can't say either Move or Natal sucks until I see them in action for real and not just tech demos

Raoh2836d ago

early judgment is an odd thing right now..

the gdc show was for developers not for gamers.. even though airing it on the web was free promotion to the gamers but still its a show to showcase your tech so developers will embrace it not gamers right now..