GDC: Infamous' Open World Trickery

One of the main selling points for Sucker Punch's PlayStation 3 game Infamous is a sprawling, open 3D world.

But the original super hero title didn't have a large army of artists creating this expansive world. In fact it was created by a team of 12 environment artists. "That's pretty dinky," the game's director Nate Fox said at GDC on Thursday. "We don't have a particularly massive squad at Sucker Punch."

The studio had to employ certain "tricks" in creating the game with such a small group of people. One of the primary methods of creating Infamous' world was using a Carcassonne-like hex system.

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xabmol3174d ago

They understood their limitations and it allowed them to better the development of their game.

I like the hex "trick" that they used. Mainly because I never realized it till now. I definitely "tricked" me! lol And the "Y" intersections that prevent long strait roads was a nice side effect!

andron3174d ago

"For instance, in Infamous, the team only used two different car models for the entire game. "What really matters with the cars is that they blow up well," said Fox."

I never noticed this, but they are right the cars blow up well....

zoks3103174d ago

So with this, they should be able to throw out a sequel pretty fast then....awesome. All they need to do now is focus on the graphics, and multiplayer.

Ravage273174d ago

they created the inFamous world with ONLY 12 artists!?! I didn't even noticed!

I'll be brutally honest here, inFamous looks like it was designed by 50 artists while Prototype could't have used more than 10.

sorceror1713174d ago

Yeah, when you look at a map, you can see the outlines of some of the hexes, but if you're not looking for it, it sure doesn't jump out at you.

I have to admit I did notice some of the building repetition... but not enough to detract from the fun!

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