Crysis 2 stripped down for Xbox 360 and PS3

Gamerzines talks about the next iteration of Crysis 2. Now that we know the PC specs will be lower, they ask: Will it be a stripped down Crysis experience catering more toward consoles.

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Natsu X FairyTail3112d ago

Game still looks liek one of the best things out there.

Tiberium3112d ago

It does look even better but I hope they didn't remove the sandbox gameplay that made the first so good.

flankhim3112d ago

People think BFB2 was going to beat Mw2. Now they think this will. Mw2 will still own. Especially on the 360.

PeptoBismol3112d ago

MW2 is a game catered to noobs.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3112d ago

which is too bad because MW isn't that good of game.


We'll see what happens. Honestly, the only game I've played so far this gen that actually takes advantage of the hardware of the respective console is the Uncharted franchise. I don't think I've seen a blurry texture anywhere. The next time I play it I'll check and see. Lost Planet might be another might of taken advantage of the 360, I can't remember that either. Every other game looked like it was ported from last gen tech and just upgraded to fit current hardware. You can tell when a game has been built from the ground up for a certain platform by just looking at the textures.

Buttons3112d ago

The fact that you have to LOOK for one is phenomenal in itself.

Army_of_Darkness3112d ago

as long as it looks and plays good on my consoles, that's all that matters to me baby!

Darkstorn3112d ago

My computer is pretty mediocre, so I'm getting this for my PS3. I'll still be taken aback by the graphics, so I don't see what the deal is.

Legionaire20053112d ago

Halo Reach, Brink, Crysis 2, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Resistance 3, and possibly Perfect Dark HD for Xbox Live LOL!!!

FrankDrebin3112d ago

That is my approach. I have high hopes as I loved the first one. Luckily if it sucks for the consoles, I have a rig that is powerful enough to run it MAXED out! Woot for me. Woot for you if you are lucky as well!

jessupj3112d ago

To me, BF:BC2 has already eclipsed MW2. It's by far the best, most polished multiplayer I've ver played. Every single kill is just so satisfying, I could play it for hours and never get bored. It's a perfect 10/10.

But for PC fans sacks, I hope the PC version wasn't gimped because of the consoles.

evrfighter3112d ago

I never played uc2 but uc1 is a jaggy mess. It's pretty bad.

Tachyon_Nova3112d ago

@ 1.6 - Indeed it is, it means your version of the game is obviously different to mine, because I get loads of low definition textures and low polygon objects towards the end of the game.

Anyway, on the article, the writer clearly has some issue with either Crysis or Crytek, or is just trying to get hits. Assuming the nanosuit model being shown in the screenshots is the same as will be in the final game, it is far and above anything that any game has ever put out before. Even console version of it looks better than anything that existed up until now.

Back on the writer, he is probably the stupidest person in the world. He is trying to say that they have tweaked the engine to cater for consoles, and that this is a bad thing for PC gamers because it now looks better and uses less hardware power. WTF?

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Hotel_Moscow3112d ago

Crysis 2 stripped down for Xbox 360 and PS3?

whats with the question mark article should not be approved

darkequitus3112d ago

There are too many question mark articles on this site <Insert here> ?

xabmol3112d ago

You mean to tell me that a the PC version will actually look better than the console counterparts?!!

NO WAY?! Since when has this ever happened?! Multiplat games always look better on consoles!! PC's just aren't as powerful as the Xbawks!!1!!!


dirthurts3112d ago

If not, I feel so sorry for your poor little confused mind..
Just so you know...PC will always win when it comes to graphics.

jessupj3112d ago

Very clear it's sarcasm.

free2game3653111d ago

Probably talking about how the controls and level design will have to be scaled back from the first game since consoles don't have as much power or memory so they can't support big draw distances, high res textures, and large explorable levels. Control wise Crysis doesn't work very well on a controller, you can't lean and it has autoaim (for some reason developers for the most part are afraid to put autoaim into console shooters now), not to mention the suit controls worked awkwardly on a controller, surprised that the suit controls didn't get axed altogether too.

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The real killer3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

So, the great Cry engine cannot compete with Killzone 2 engine because the game must be equal or identical.

OMG, what about the Killzone 3 engine???
What did they say? "The Cry engine will use all the power of the PS3, my arse.

kwyjibo3112d ago

Given that the original Crysis can do better than KZ2, I'm pretty sure the second one will too.

On PC that is, I don't give a toss how it looks on your Wii.

The real killer3112d ago

Killzone 2 owns Crysis 1 in my opinion.

The only part what Crysis 1 maybe pass over Killzone 2 are graphics, but the rest own Killzone 2 Crysis 1.

Crysis has no war zone with atmosphere with full intens of gameplay all over the screen.

Chaos Striker3112d ago

I guess you never played Crysis now did you? Cuz there were pretty intense moments towards the end of the game. Additionally the scope of the game is different from that of Killzone 2. In Crysis, you are suppose to explore the whole island ala sand-box. KZ2 is more path-driven. Moreover, saying that Cry Engine cannot compete with the KZ engine is premature. We have not seen legitimate action of the game. Hence, we should reserve judgment until that time (I reckon E3).

The real killer3112d ago

I love Crysis, it's only boring world and not much intense happend in the game, the addon is also very nice i like that.

kwyjibo3112d ago

Killer, I don't disagree that people may prefer Killzone 2 over Crysis. The things they do are a lot different. I think most would agree that Crysis has a slower pace, and allows for more lateral gameplay.

But your original point was about the engine. And the Cryengine can do so much more.

Arnon3112d ago

While I agree that Killzone 2 has more explosions on a regular basis, I still find Crysis to be much more inveigling.

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BubbleSystemSuck3112d ago

Edit the Title... is a question