John Cleese is your butler in Fable 3

Johm Cleese, the famous comedian of Monty Python, Fawlty Towers and A Fish Called Wanda fame, has signed on to be a be your butler in Fable 3.

"We were really inspired by the idea that we're making this game with Monty Python-esque humor, so we went out, and we got John Cleese as your butler," announced Molyneux at the Complex Challenges of Intuitive Game Design panel.

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xabmol3198d ago

*Runs out and buys a 360*

Mr_Bun3198d ago

That is awesome news for Fable fans

bioshock12213197d ago

Who is he? Anyways cool I guess.

xabmol3197d ago

I'm about to beat you so bad, you'll have to silly walk all the way to the hospital!!

grumpysmurf3197d ago

Here's hoping for a 'dead parrot' routine...