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AMO's Duncan Voice has just reviewed Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on Xbox360:

"I'll get to the multiplayer a bit later on, but there's a certain move you can pull to off your enemy which completely sums up the wonderful chaos of this package. Forget your headshots and your knife kills: levelling a building on top of someone's head – a 'Destruction 2.0' kill - is the absolute pinnacle of warfare here. The groans of metal girders giving way, a klaxon to your ears to evacuate, followed briefly by the screams of your squad mates as they scramble to escape a shower of bricks and mortar. Thrilling, anarchic, hilarious."

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xabmol3172d ago

I like 3 other methods better.

#1: Road kill with the UAV. Nothin says F U like getting run over by a toy helicopter!

#2: Defibrillator kill. I give life and take it away with a ZAP!

#3: Head shot with the repair tool. Just call me, "The Dentist."