Avalon Code Now Available

In Avalon Code the world is coming to an end, and gamers take control of Yumil or Tia and fill the Book of Prophecy with a record of everything that's worth saving - people, enemies, flowers, weapons and objects - to create a new world with.

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SpoonyRedMage2901d ago

Arhhh! I kinda want this game but don't have the money and I haven't picked up Phantasy Star Zero or M&M: Clash of Heroes yet(although I might get the XBL port).

Redempteur2901d ago

already finished this game twice ( undub version )

very hard to gather some spécific code at some moments , and the book can be hard to go through once you have a lot of information

BUt it's a good game that tried something ..i would not say NO to another opus