God of War III - Amazing Hercules Boss Battle Video (HD 720p) *Spoilers*

Ve3tro writes: "To celebrate the upcoming release of God of War 3 we have a fresh boss battle video clip of Kratos taking on his brother Hercules.

There is some great action sequences to compliment how gorgeous this game really does look, as you will see their friendship isn't very brotherly."

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Natsu X FairyTail3174d ago

F1cking sick. The fight with Hades was some epic stuff to.

rip hercules.

BigPappaPump3174d ago


Ve3tro3174d ago

I'll be posting some more videos later today.

ONYX7373174d ago

This has to be the most violent brutal beast of a game ever made I can't wait until 3/16 . this makes me laugh about how many people used to complain about mortal combat.

Darkfiber3174d ago

Wow, worst voice acting ever. I thought it was an overdubbed joke at first by some stupid video game site but that's the actual voice of of Hercules...terrible.

BigPappaPump3174d ago

Are you aware that Hercules' voice actor is Kevin Sorbo? Yes, Kevin Sorbo "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys". The show that spun off Xena the Warrior Princess. Show some respect.

Ve3tro3174d ago

That's pretty interesting, always watched the show when I was younger.