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Xbox World 360 via CVG writes:

"You're crouched in a corner clutching your AK-47 with both hands. You're down to your last magazine. Five monsters are trying to get a lock on your scent in the next room and just beyond them a group of Nazis are sitting at their sentry post waiting for movement.

You should have saved some ammunition but you blew it all to buy a sniper rifle at the last outpost. Nietzschean law doesn't apply: what doesn't kill you here just makes you weaker. You want to go back but you can't: the shelter doors are locked and won't be opening again any time soon. Life in the Metro is tough - but above ground the situation's even worse."

A brilliantly atmospheric shooter with forgivably imperfect gunplay. Stick with it.

* Gripping levels, superb world
* Full of clever ideas

* Weak shooting

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callahan092903d ago

I'm excited to try this out. Graphics are awesome. Hopefully it's got some kickass surround sound to match the nice looking graphics. For me, Bioshock 2 was better than the 1st because of the SOUND. It's amazing what sound can do to engross you in a world.

gaffyh2903d ago

Sounds good, when is the release date? I'd like to get it for 360, don't get much time to play on PC nowadays, although undoubtedly the PC version will be better graphically.

Ragna2903d ago

16th March in USA, 19th March in Europe on Xbox 360 and PC.

presto7172903d ago

I was expecting 10. Perfect Score. Revolutionary. Innovative. Jaw-Dropping, Envelop-Pushing, System-Selling, Brain-Melting. WTF is this???

Come on!!!!

andron6662903d ago

Survival action and great graphics makes this a very interesting game. Too bad my pc can't run it...

Danteh2903d ago

@presto can't tell if you are being sarcastic but...

From what I've heard, Metro 2033 is a game with great graphix but terrible and repetitive shooting mechanics. Not being mean or anything but I think it will end up with a meta between 75-82.

Definitely not the AAA 360 fans are hyping

Dread2903d ago

A game with good score, which up to now is only going to come to the 360 and PC.....

let me guess: here comes the SDF haters to ruin the fun of xbox owners and tell us how they are all allegedly going to get it for the PC, and how the 360 version sux.

i wish they would also tell us that they are going to get the PC version when the game also comes to the Playstation 3...but you know they wont because they are a bunch of hypocrites.

PS: I know there are a few genuine PC gamers here who truly are going to play it on your PC, and are really not hating, but lets be honest, you are the minority. Anyways, i you are one, i do not mean any disrespect.

Spiderman2903d ago

So are you now saying N4G is only for 360/PS3 Gamers? And that PC gamers cant voice an opinion on here, As thats what your getting at..

Ill be getting this game for PC simply because...

1. Its cheaper
2. I dont own a 360, i own a PS3, Wii and PC
3. The Devs have already said in their own words They are going to "make the PC version [especially] phenomenal"
4. Steam

rockleex2903d ago

But I truly can't wait for the new Deus Ex. @[email protected]

Aquanox2903d ago

My 360 needs to give me a break. I haven't had a break since Assassin's Creed 2, then MW2, Mass Effect 2, Batonetta, Darksiders, Dante's Inferno, Bad Company 2, Bioshock 2, FFXIII and now Metro 2033. No other lineup has ever given me so much fun in just 4 months! Wow!

Erotic Sheep2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

@ above

Well no one is forcing you to play them all lol :D Even so, 90% of the games you listed are multi-platform so I'm pretty certain PS3 owners feel the same ^^ The industry is eating our wallets.. I'm afraid to look at my bank account now!

Anyhow I'm getting this for the PC. I <3 Steam!

PopEmUp2903d ago

I wonder how the f you can find the time to squeeze to play all those games man

Aquanox2903d ago


I've just beaten Mass Effect 2. I'm currently with BC2 (Great shooter, and I'm not a fan) and FFXIII, but the latter didn't result nearly as good as expected. Sure visuals are good but it's more linear than an action game with the difference that you're limited to the specific choices devs has given to you.

I'm finishing FFXIII just because of, call it "General gaming culture" but the 8-7/10 it's received all over the place are there for a reason.

Blue Dragon and Demon Souls are much much better jRPGs than FFXIII, but not as pretty.

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3sexty rulzzz2903d ago

posting bout chit. now that it's on the xbox console you want to try it out for the pc. you guys aren't goin to try out chit, youre just in this thread ranting about nothing. just look at all of the pc only threads, from steam, d2d and other sites, ps3 fans wasn't posting chit, but now everyone cares. you only care because its has a good score and its a xbox game review. this site is run by tro_ _ _.

Spiderman2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Just because I dont go into a starcraft or world of warcract news article for a chat doesnt mean im not a PC Gamer.

I hate mmos and games like that, i happen to like games like Half life/Call of Duty etc etc, and i play alot of games on PC aswell as consoles.

And if you havent forgotten this game is on PC aswell, so we can talk about the PC version as much as we like.

NeoBasch2903d ago

I'll have to check this out. Wasn't even on my radar, but now it is.


at AQUANOX....What the hell is BATOnetta?? Is this the underground version on which you are allowed to kill mexican batos? LOL?? You are the funiest fanboy, keep the good work. LOL!!!

BTW Im really loking forward to Metro 2033. Im planing on playing it after my GOW3 session.


HolyOrangeCows2903d ago

Weak gameplay but good atmosphere means a 9/10? Really?

goflyakite2903d ago

* Weak shooting"

I said the shooting looked weak from a past video, but I guess everyone thought I was being a fanboy.

Good score anyways, look cool.

MorganX2903d ago

FPS with weak shooting 9/10 - really?

GiantEnemyCrab2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

LOL 3Sexy just exposed many of you jokers and hes got a point.

No PC gamers in hardly any of the news stories(look for yourself) it's a ghost town.. But if you look at the 360/PC stories they are flooded with the PC gamers..

You ain't fooling anybody so go over to those articles and start some conversation up but don't whine to 360 owners about it. So many fake ass PC gamers here.

Chubear2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

if you don't see there's certainly a double standard for PS3 games then you're just lost.
E.g KZ2: Unprecedented graphics on consoles even 'till today, Online & Offline Multiplayer with the most ferocious online graphics and clan system around "No co-op or Vehicles - 9.2"

However Metro 2033 with NO MP or Co-op AT ALL "weak shooting mechanics and unforgivably imperfect gunplay - 9.0"

Doesn't it look like PS3 in-house exclusives seem to have to deliver the universe in hopes of getting a 9 but other games only have to be "fun" and they get 9.5 easy?

I'm sorry but this is not an RPG, MMO, adventure or strategy puzzle game with shooting mechanics; this is a FIRST PERSON SHOOTER. It's very core gaming mechanic is shooting. If the shooting is seen as weak or not up to par with other FPSs already out and it has no MP or co-op... how on earth can it be seen as a 9 type game judging by the standards used to rated other FPSs?

More and more we are understanding that reviews aren't reviews or even opinion, they're just gibberish and you'd be an utter fool to wait on these gaming sites reviews for your gaming experiences.

Huwmor2903d ago

Really wish my pc was good enough to play this looks great. I liked the review also,the B&D line was good for a lol, should check out CVG for reviews more regularly.

Chimerhazzard2903d ago

The gameplay and story and music are what matters most to me in a game. This game seems nice, but if it has weak gameplay then I am not going to try it :\ too many good games out there, no point in wasting time and disk space with with a shooter that has "weak shooting" :P

Oh and @ GiantEnemyCrab

You may be right for some people, but speaking for myself, I rarely go to the PC section on N4G, altough I am much more of a PC gamer than a console gamer :) N4G is just kinda boring in the PC section,no one is ever there, this site is much more console oriented. So altough I spend like 75% of my gaming time on my PC, I usually go to the console's section on N4G. And yes, If I ever get this game it will be on PC, but because I don't have a Xbox360 hehe :)

mastiffchild2903d ago

GEC-Come on man, you know lots of people have both consoles, a Wii,arig and a pocketful of handhelds but the PSP and PC sections are rarely busy. It happens for a reason , mainly. What I mean is most BIG PC releases are, like this one, also on one or both of the HD consoles meaning you get 360,PS3,PC and multi console and multi console plus PC gamers in these articles, no?

Christ, it isn't hard to tell the few people who are REALLY just trolling and there really are a lot of people who play the PC games that don't come to PS3 on their PC when they don't have a 360 and, on this occasion, I was planning on getting this one for my PC after hearing what the developers said about that version but, sadly, the PC only reviews I've seen so far have NOT been as kind as this and I've seen the words "unfinished", "wonky shooting" and "rushed ending and poor pacing" mentioned so now I'm possibly going to wait a bit and see some more trusted sites before I jump in.

Whatever, the game still seems more like a RE/FPS cross than anything to me and I still have some interest but need to see a bit more from the reviews(up and down so far), find out whether it's actually a value release on both platforms and in my country(I heard from a few people the US 360 version was only $40 but not heard of what the PC version will cost or whether the offer is EVERYWHERE as it wouldn't surprise me to see the UK shafted again!)and preferably myself but right now itr's looking more like a 360 rental and I had REALLY wanted to get back on my rig after buying ME2 for the 360(saved character mainly)and, otherwise, spending all this year so far on the PS3. I like to share the joy among my tech so they ALL feel loved(well, except my iPhone which can eff right off and die in a corner drowning in the stinking pi555 of it's own pointless apps and games with the screen totally obscured by the bloody controls and/or my thumbs!). We shall see.

Anyhoo Crabs, you also know full well that you don't NEED a great PC to play games on it at a decent lick(matching or beating the 360 isn't the mark of a super computer you realise!)and lots of people use their everyday PC to play the odd game that might not be on their console of choice. Seriously, this is getting silly. I USED, at one time, to game on my PC most of the time but having a family means it's often tied up with homework etc(I can't afford to maintain a decent gaming PC AND another OK one and the kids always want to use mine for anything other than just surfing-wish we'd never bought the spoilt kits lappy's or netbooks now!)and I won't be alone so can onl;y play the odd game that promises to push the PC boat out a bit these days-sinbce I now prefer MP on line on consoles too, makes me use the PC togame a little less as well(just think it's a truer test of skill on console with most having identical tech and controllers).Thing is a lot of people game on different platforms and at different times for TONS of reasons but the cry of "well, all PS3 owners own a high end gaming rig" spat out sarcastically is mental to me when, 99% of the time you can play most any game on any barely OK PC these days-no one said this was a Crysis level , and at high settings, situation, did they?

Most people are happy to play a game if it's good as lng as they can do so at a decent rate of FPS and res-we rarely NEED a super duper gaming rig to do so, do we? Certainly, my mate plays a few games on his bog standard quad core so why couldn't everyone else? just because he doesn't get the best settings doesn't make the games worse than they would be on 360 or PS3 necessarily, either, does it and doesn't stop them being fun or good games either.

People with a soft spot for their 360 often get a bee in their bonnet abbout the PC/360 games not being true "exclusives" but I'll never understand why. I thought MS would be better off making real reasons to buy a 360 out of more of these games(and that Gears2,Fable2 and Alan Wake, in particular, showed this trend was gathering pace and starting to make sense but then PM started saying Fable3 would go to PC! Who knows!)but that hasn't happened so if MS aren't arsed why is anyone else? Beats me but I suppose some 360 zealots(and sure some PS3 tools DO lie about having a great PC but just ignore tham because it's a fact that LOADS of people have the capabilities of playing most games on most PCs)just can't cut this out while the few idiots keep winding them up. Really, though, it's a non issue, imo.

Play things where you damn well like, if you damn well can. No? Just don't have kids if you plan on doing what I just said! Or keeping consoles alive and games unscratched(I must be the guy who REALLY hates multiple disc games more than anyone with my brigade of game breaking children and Dogues!).

sid4gamerfreak2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Holy crap. The system requirements r so demanding for my pc!!!!! WTF???? Really hope this isn't like most games, where minimum means "unplayable," recommended means "minimum," and optimum means "recommended,"
Optimum system requirements r
Core i7 CPU
NVIDIA DirectX 11 compliant graphics card (GeForce GTX 480 and 470)
As much RAM as possible (8GB+)
Fast HDD or SSD

Ill hav to get it for my 360, but if those r the system requirements for the pc, the graphics must be visually stunning. Time to upgrade my comp.

But its really a great year to be a pc and 360 gamer...

arny2902d ago

have fun playing it on your sd tv

kevnb2901d ago

sounds too complex for a console shooter.

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-MD-2903d ago

9? Interesting. I think this will be a sleeper hit.

ProjectVulcan2903d ago

They only thing i dont get with this is that its a shooter, it gets a 9, but its downers are apparently weak shooting???? Shouldnt that mean the game is fundamentally compromised? Like a racing game that gets a 9 but its handling is weak? Lol. Well whatever. I'll have a pop on PC

Jamie Foxx2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

This could be another batman and surprise everyone,I thought this was multiplat? I am sick to death of FPS's now though

@vulcan, yeh your right on that aswel,have to wait for more reviews I guess

STONEY42903d ago

Ever played STALKER on PC? Weak shooting, good game, even though alot of the game was shooting.

siyrobbo2903d ago

fallout 3 has naff shooting mechanics, and that game is amazing, same as s.t.a.l.k.e.r

boodybandit2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

is Darksiders!
I threw it in my Qlist (GameFly) just to fill it out and they sent me a copy. I beat it twice and I am actually still playing the game! It's surprisingly good.

Chimerhazzard2903d ago

STALKER? STALKER didn't have weak shooting :| it wasn't anything spectacular but I wouldn't consider it "weak".

I did play STALKER for like... eh.... 20 hours? or so. Then I got bored, the game felt so... flavourless xD and it was so full of bugs that I gave up on it. I did like the whole "RPG element" thing tough.

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Natsu X FairyTail2903d ago

hell yeah. I might rent this for a while and have fun. COD games arent making the cut anymore.

bjornbear2903d ago

still, higher hopes? -_-

reviewers have ruined this gen, its all 10/10 or its a flop *sigh*

bjornbear2903d ago

can't edit now =(

should have "delete" comment option for these mistakes =( sry natsu, not for you, for DRAGONWARS

rockleex2903d ago

Especially after I've played Battlefield: Bad Company 2 online. :O

Even COD4, which is my favorite and most played COD, doesn't make the cut anymore.

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Gran Touring2903d ago

I might check this out for PC. It seems like a good game, just haven't heard too much about it.