StarCraft II Beta Key Wave 4 Possible?

A few days ago, Dustin Browder told VG247 their goal is to maintain a flow of 10,000 beta testers, and they don't have them yet. Even if that was the case, if the numbers go down due to some people not login to play, they might invite more people.

This is not a given, however.

On the other hand, Blizzard have promised other way to get beta keys.

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Medievaldragon2901d ago

It's totally implied there will be more waves. I know some people wrongly interpreted what Browder said as : we already got 10,000 players so there's no more waves.

Leord2901d ago

Well, people are pessimists...

Terrice2901d ago

Indeed, I always thought there'd be more waves too :)

Cogo2901d ago

Well, considering the second wave brought the numbers from like 2000-3000 to 7000-9000, it's not hard to interpret it that way.

Another 1000-2000 online accounts at the same time might translate to another 3000-6000 keys per region of the beta. Mostly opt-ins ofc.

UIOP2901d ago

I luckily already got a key, but it is at least a small hope for those that still haven't got one.

DJDarkstar2901d ago

Oooh nice :) would be good to get in hehe.

Eoweniel2901d ago

This is probably really exciting for those who've been dying to play Beta... :)

Good luck, 4th wave!

Cogo2901d ago

Speaking of. I am surprised so many non-sc-fans had opted in for beta in the first place. Hopefully it's mainly SC fans left :P

Leord2901d ago

I'm looking forward to Blizzard starting those ALTERNATE ways of getting keys, like contests etc.

So people who WANT the beta gets in, not a bunch of people who never played SC1.

UIOP2901d ago

I agree.
Looks like they have plenty of keys to spare, so a bunch of contests would be nice :)

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The story is too old to be commented.