Yakuza 3 Players Say A Lot More Was Cut Than Hostess Bars

Sega has made cuts to the Western version of gangland brawler Yakuza 3. The publisher says that hostess bars are gone. People playing the game say a lot more than that is missing.

Sega's official message board for the site is home to complaints from early-bird purchasers of the game, who say that along with the hostess bars and Japanese trivia quiz, scores of other content is missing, including Mah-jong games and, more importantly, scores of the game's side missions.

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DigitalAnalog3118d ago

I..I...really don't know what to say. I'm still buying the game though OUT OF RELUNCTANCY.


andron6663118d ago

If you really want the full japanese experience you can always import it.

And if you read further on the cuts on the forum, there's been 15 of 123 side missions cut. So there's still a lot of content there. I doubt many will see it all. I never got to see all of the first Yakuza...

SuicidalTendencies3118d ago

I played the game for the first time when I downloaded the demo. I got instant Shenmue nostalgia and decided I was going to buy it. I don't really care what was cut cause I enjoyed the gameplay.

Noctis Aftermath3118d ago

Terrible Sega, just terrible.

muddygamesite3117d ago

I will Still be buying this game, but I must say I am very dissapointed with SEGA lately. The simple reason is this: I AM STILL WAITING FOR NEWS ON VIRTUA FIGHTER 5:R. i HAVE WAITED TOO LONG FOR AN ANNOUNCEMENT SEGA. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN. I CANNOT BEAR TO PLAY TEKKEN ANYMORE!!

Michael-Jackson3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

There's no point of waiting for Virtua Fighter 5:R because they announced another revision last month, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown for the arcade. Maybe there's a better chance of this revision coming to consoles but I still can't see it happening, imo.

_vx3117d ago

i dont really understand why japans like to cut sh!t if the game is rated 18+???
i mean look we have GOW3/ Heavy rain and so on with fully naked women, sex scenes, and other 18+ contents ,, :(

andron6663117d ago

We don't know for sure why it was cut, but it was definitely not for censorship reasons.

There was a lot to translate in this game so Sega dropped some side missions and a hostess mode. Some has suggested they didn't have the rights to use the likeness of some models outside Japan as one reason.

It's too bad, but there is still a lot of content in the game, more than most...