IncGamers' MMO News Wrap-Up

IncGamers' Bill Vaughan takes a look at the hottest MMO news from the last seven days, which includes information on the newly-announced Battlestar Galactica MMO, Aion, Global Agenda, LEGO Universe, World of Warcraft and Jumpgate Evolution.

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Maticus3198d ago

So gutted that BSG: Online will be a crappy browser based game. What a waste.

Fyzzu3198d ago

Yeah, that's kinda killed my interest. I'll still follow it because, well, it's BSG and it might be good, but...

syrinx3198d ago

Thanks, nice round-up for this week :)

Cogo3198d ago

I love this article "column" or whatever it's called. I am interested in MMO's, but not enough interested to follow all the news :)

Dorjan3198d ago

I'm really looking forward to black prophecy!

It looks amazing