More Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Server Downtime

If you were hoping to put in some hours on the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer, you might be out of luck as EA has announced more server downtime.

Following outages earlier this week, EA announced in a tweet this morning that servers will be down today and Saturday morning.

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Leord3118d ago

This is why we love forced online play.

Fyzzu3118d ago

Good thing this doesn't have forced online play then, eh?

StanLee3118d ago

It's the price you pay for dedicated servers, I guess but it seems EA wasn't prepared for how well received the game has been.

FragGen3118d ago

They should have done an online beta.


bruddahmanmatt3118d ago

That is a crap excuse if I've ever heard one. The norm these days with regards to online games and having enough bandwith to support the traffic at launch has shifted from "having enough BW to handle estimated traffic + a bit of extra" to "having enough BW to handle estimated minimum and if ish goes awry, we'll add more later". Developers and publishers are penny pinching by going cheap in the server and bandwith department. Rather than pay a little extra ahead of time and be prepared at launch they elect to save a few bucks and should the need arise, fix things once problems become widespread.

Hell, look at how many games these days have patches for you to download on Day 1. CHEAP AND LAZY FTMFL.

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thetamer3118d ago

NOOOO, i've just bought the game...

Bea Arthur3118d ago

Looks like you will be enjoying it on Sunday. I saw the ticker yesterday on the main menu page so I made sure I put in some time last night.

Fyzzu3118d ago

Oh for God's sake.

I shouldn't complain, I know. Demigod had far worse multiplayer problems and that turned out to be utterly worthwhile once they got it sorted, and I'm sure the same will happen here. It's just frustrating.

AndyA3118d ago

Right, I love the game to bits and think DICE did a bang up job with BC2... but, did they not see this coming? You know, after the server problems it had at the launch of Battlefield 1943 that were due to colossal demand. Now we have server issues in BC2 because of colossal demand.

Vazz3118d ago

At least Demigod had bots and lan play.

Maticus3118d ago

Christ, what is it with EA's servers this week?!

Dr_Nefarious3118d ago

EA does this with their servers on a regular basis. They did it with TF2 every other Thursday night for a while. I can't even get on BF 1943.

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The story is too old to be commented.