Vista shipped. So where are the new games?

Remember the Vista launch of six months ago? PC gamers do. The operating system was supposed to usher in a whole new era for the second-fiddle platform.

Gamers had good reason to be excited. Microsoft promised cutting-edge new games that took advantage of all that Vista and DirectX 10 had to offer. Vista would elevate games to the start menu – prime real estate. PC gamers, used to flashy, splashy consoles getting all the attention, reveled in the promise of the coming nirvana.

Six months on, PC gamers are still waiting. And man, are they pissed.

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PS360WII4186d ago

come on it's still going to be a full year before the OS is any good to the masses. What's the rush?

Omegasyde4186d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

Alot of computer gamers are also pist, that most gamers are ported from xbox 360's and that you have to have vista to play it. Don't forget the whole Micrsoft live aspect in which computer gamers are use to playing games for free.

You also have to factor is Vista takes alot more system specs just for the OS. Hardware upgrades are going to be required for the non serios computer gamer which equals even more cash to play that ported game on the xbox.

IF anything Vista is pushing people away from computer gaming and towards the simplicity and cost of console gaming.

Just like How Sony is putting more effort in fighting HD DVD than the PS3; Microsoft cares more about games on the xbox then on the computer, because where is the competition on the PC?

VirusE4186d ago

The ps3 is a closed patform without driver issues, it has been out for 2 months longer than vista and it still doesnt have any games either! j/k

kewlkat0074186d ago

I have built my last 2 PC's but just couldn't pass up this deal yesterday.

HP Pavilion Media Center TV PC (M8120N)

I went from a 2.1mhz athlon XP to a QX6600 2.4ghz. So, now I have Vista, and while it's a little bit different, I haven't been annoyed yet. It looks great on this Monitor, I also purchased.

HP 22” Widescreen Monitor (W2207)

I will upgrade the GPU and PSU when, there is a game I wanna play on DX10, but not a bad price.

Vista is vista, I still use Firefox, as my main browser, and other application non-windows.

Charlie26884186d ago

hey how is the performance with the QX6600? I am thinking of upgrading

Have you tried playing old games on Vista since the back compatibility is suppose to be very low with pre 2000 games (and even some new games)

kewlkat0074186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

I haven't tried any games and such but the GPU might be a slouch for Hardcore gamers, but for the average person it should be OK. Some guys under the review section talks about that and some games they have tried.

Where are you going to get 3GB of memory, up to 8GB allowed,quad-core processor, 2.40GHz, 8M L2 Cache,), Tv tuner/Remote, wireless keyboard/mouse, Wireless On board-card, Front Media slot and all connections for $1099?

I used to be an early adopter and it has caught up to me.(they will always have something better 6 months later with computers but I jumped on this because of the price, def a impulse buy. I looked at the reviews and a lot of people love this RIG for what it gives you, out the gates, "STOCKED".

I might add an 8500GT or higher, but the PSU is too skimpy and might have to change that, but they are cheap upgrades, if I wait for the prices to drop. I'll let you know, but it feels great to be somewhat future proof.

Charlie26884185d ago

if you are looking for a cheap deal for your video card

look for the GeForce 8800GTS line they are the small brothers of the 8800 GTXs and after a lot of forum talking and research they are basically the same as the GTX but with less video memory, clock speed is around the same the rest is exactly the same you can find this from $250 to $320, if you want stronger GTS closings in the GTXs look for the OC versions and they are still cheap compared to the GTXs

you should try OC that processor it will probably reach 3.00GHz easily and significantly improve the overall perfonace

a +1 bubble for you sir for the info :)

ShiftyLookingCow4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

QX6600 2.4GHz? I guess you mean Q6600, I am thinking of getting one sometime next month when price drops but this baby is very very very hot, literally, you need water cooling to get a decent overclock, stock HSF is going to suck a**, I am hoping swiftech 220 should do it

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CNIVEK4185d ago

At least when they get a port...or even a game released the same time as the 360 version...they get it for $10-$20 less than the 360 gamers. THAT is a reason to b1tch. :o

highps34185d ago

Crysis and Hellgate coming both look absolutly amazing and better then anything currently on consoles.

Going to take awhile to exploit DX10. The newest 3DMark hasnt even been released yet...