Fable 3: New Gameplay Video Emerged, UI Explained

A new gameplay video of Fable 3 has been emerged.

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callahan093199d ago

So awesome! This has sky-rocketed to the top of my most-anticipated list for this fall. I know a lot of people were kind of disappointed by Fable 2, but I loved it and this looks to improve upon it in every way. I like what he's come up with to replace the UI, I love that John Cleese will be the butler, the new map is totally kick-ass, and the graphics look amazing. It actually reminds me a bit of Alan Wake with the graphical style in the dungeon in the last half of this clip. The lighting engine has improved immensely since the previous game, and that really helps to make the world come alive and look gorgeous. I've got my eye on this one!

JokesOnYou3198d ago

I have my gripes with Fable2 but I still liked the game alot. Peter dreams big and fails everytime, but I take his Fable failings over many other games that dont try to accomplish half as much as Peters game does.