Play PlayStation 3 on a DVI Monitor

Playing PS3 on a DVI monitor is not a dream anymore. Gameswitch makes it become reality.
It allows you to play PS3 on a regular DVI monitor, plus its switch function, you can either play PS3 or operate PC.
You can play 1080p high quality game on a DVI monitor through Gameswitch and don't have to play on expensive HDMI enabled LCD TV only. Now enjoy PS3 not only in living room, but also in your PC

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TaylorB4156d ago

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but couldn't you always use an HDMI-DVI cable?

Syko4156d ago

That's what I was wondering....

TaylorB4156d ago

So I guess it's just a switch. But I'm even more confused that the "audio in" is a stereo mini instead of a L/R channel RCA connection. So you're using a HDMI-DVI cable, and the composite cable for the L/R audio, and on top of all that, you have to use a L/R RCA to 3.5mm stereo mini adapter for the sound?

Kees4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

nope you can't just use HDMI to DVI cable or adapter, I tried adapter but it didn't work. I hope this system works!

EDIT: I guess not...I am not even going to try this's 200$:

ud4156d ago

HDMI to DVI cable works, i've had it work. I don't rememeber if it could support up to 1080p though

deepujatt20054156d ago

$200 is way too much..

i rather buy 4 games for that much money..

hikikimori4156d ago

Why would anyone buy this useless peice of crap? Get a Hdmi-DVi cable from monoprice and your set. Thats what I did, works fine.

BitbyDeath4156d ago

HDMI-DVI cable didn't work for me either, my TV might not have been HDCP compatible tho, not sure.

I wonder if this converts the signal so it isn't required...

I'm currently running through a HDMI-VGA box which works awesome except it still only 576p but looks kick-ass compared to crappy component and composite cables

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