Splinter Cell: Conviction to last '30-35 hours' altogether - VGD

Remember when Ubisoft's Patrick Redding told you that Splinter Cell: Conviction would last 12-16 hours? Well, he was lying. Or rather, he was only referring to the single player campaign and co-op modes.

Factor in Deniable Ops, the competitive multiplayer mode, and according to Creative Director Maxime Beland the figure is twice or thrice Redding's estimate.


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TrevorPhillips3116d ago

Excellent I will be buying this game for sure :D

NewZealander3116d ago

hell yeah day one no doubt!

this and alan wake are my most anticipated games atm.

Syronicus3116d ago

Heck, I have a solid 14 days into the MP of [email protected] already which equates to 336 hours of online game play, not including the time I spend in the lobby and they are saying that 35 hours is sufficient? Heck, I had more time in on some of the older Splinter Cell games. Hopefully the online component does not get boring that fast.

callahan093116d ago

I've been in the dark on SC:C news for a couple of weeks now. What is the co-op in this game, how does that work?

Grown Folks Talk3116d ago

It consists of 2 agents other than Sam. The events that take place lead up to the story of the solo campaign. If you're getting the 360 version, my gamertag is in my profile. Always enjoy stopping terrorists in co-op.

JonnyBadfinger3116d ago

Um this worries me... if it only last 30-35hrs including multiplayer that isnt saying much.

The way i read that is, after those 30-35hrs i will no longer be interested in the game.... thats a bit concerning.

what should have been said is that it 'lasts for days not hours'.

BFBC2 has me hooked at the moment, my gf cant even get me off it... and believe me she f***en HATES it, she just gone to bed now so im thinking of firing up the 360 turning the speakers and sub right up and giving the game a couple or more hours... you know, 1 to piss her off and 2 because the sound in that game is bloody awesome.

Raf1k13116d ago

I'm buying this regardless. I've missed playing as Sam Fisher and the co-op looks amazing.

Xeoset3116d ago


People are worri-- Sorry, Sony fanboys are worried about the length of SC:C being ~35 hours? How was Heavenly Sword, UC, UC2, Killzone 2, etc for you again?

Day one, easily, if I can get away from FFXIII, my second run through Mass Effect 2... and Viva Pinata: TiP :P

2Spock3116d ago

Wow this is great news. Single player and Co-op only clock in around 30-35 hours, that's awesome. I beat Uncharted2 single player and co-op modes in less than 15 hours.

TheLog3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

ITs not like Gears of War 1.5 or God of war 2.25, they reinvent and innovate the game to make it refreshing. Not like the common copy here and paste here that most games are these days.

Over 30 hours with multiplayer and co-op is definately a steal. You get your money worth.

People buy game to play game, not see cinematics or play a been there done that game. If people want that they could go see cinematic movie or animation or play same old game.

PS3 fanboys even brag about PS3 cell power and blu-ray disc size. Guess what with all their ps3 power and over 30 Gigs size game had only what, 9 hours??


AAACE53116d ago

This should be a good buy! But why does it seem like no one is interested in Red Dead Redemption? Is it because some were pissed about GTA 4?

Anyway, I plan on getting SCC and RDR!

nycredude3116d ago

If the single player is really really good then I'll buy this, otherwise I'll pass. I refuse to pay for xbox live so the coop and mp don't mean nothing to me, unless it's offline coop.

Grown Folks Talk3116d ago

can also be played offline in split-screen.

IdleLeeSiuLung3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

That is a lot of content! That is more than most games that are released.

Glad I pre-ordered the Limited Edition already of this game! Looking forward to this game in about a month. Can't wait!!!

y0haN3116d ago

7-8 hour single player and co-op = 30-35 hours? You're joking me, right? Plus, the co-op mode only comes with the Collector's Edition, what a joke..

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dirigiblebill3116d ago

A level creator for this game would make absolutely perfect sense IMO. I'd be very surprised if they weren't thinking about it, going by Beland's comments above.

Natsu X FairyTail3116d ago

well yeah. They said that the normal story mode would last around 12-15 hours or Shorter/longer depending on the diffuculty you're playing the game. Same goes for the Co-op mode. So adding them 2gether gives you something around 30 something.

ipe3116d ago

but ridiculous statement .
If i spent over 600h on kz2 mp does it means game lasts 600h?NO
Single player is about 10,12h.
Or if some1 played mw2 mp for 100h that doesnt change fact game is 5 hours long.

same with uncharted,it has single,coop,mp but still game is 10h long.
Only its better value but thats completely different thing.

And NO its not fanboy thing i think this should be applied to all games.

Foxgod3116d ago

Us 360 owners dont give a damn about what a ps3fan considers to be better value.

thor3116d ago

Yeah but foxgod it is still misleading. You can't put an estimate on play time for a multiplayer game because it depends on how much fun you're having. It's not like having 35 hours of MP means there is much content there. Heck, I've spent hundreds of hours on Counter-Strike playing Dust2, doesn't mean the game is packed with content, in fact everyone only plays one map.


well, I am a 360 fan, but I actually agree with them.

SC was always a day one buy for me, but when anyone talks about the length of a game I only think of the campaign.

Silly gameAr3116d ago

I'm surprised other 360 fans give a damn about what you think. You don't give a damn about better value? I think you just owned yourself right there. Why group the others with your fail.

Natsu X FairyTail3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Single Player is 12-15 hours
Co-op campaign is 12-15 hours (prequel to the story so it still counts)

that adds up to a total of

24~30 hours.

And I agree with Foxgood.

Eamon3116d ago

Actually Uncharted 2 campaign was only about 6-8 hours long.

But it was 6 hours of AWESOMNESS.

Can't wait for Splinter Cell Conviction!

-MD-3116d ago

6 hours for Uncharted 2? Were you playing on easy mode or something? It's at least 10 hours long.

Eamon3116d ago

lol I was playing Normal mode.

Maybe I'm just better than you? =P

-MD-3116d ago

Was there a secret flying through walls cheat that I was unaware of?

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