Crysis 2: First ingame video - 1080p

The first ingame scenes of Crysis 2 have been shown during a presentation at the Game Developers Conference 2010. Check out this video, which offers better quality than the previous ones.

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FangBlade3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Wow, the graphics are almost at Killzone 2 level.
A multiplatform game to be that close to Killzone 2 is simply amazing.
However, the PC version is just jaw dropping.

kingdavid3053d ago

Looks better than killzone. Drab, dark visuals are not as hard as vibrance and lighting.

HoltzHolzt3053d ago

Yeah, Killzone 2 doesn't stand a chance against CryEngine 3

darkmurder3053d ago

Why are we arguing Killzone 2 looks better than Crysis 2 when it still doesn't look better than the first (sure you may say it does in certain levels but look at the level design, even in an open world environment Killzone still can't beat it).

champ213053d ago

just another game pc will rock. with the lowered requirements, id say even a 8800gtx will handle this game just fine(of course the super high settings probably will struggle, however 8800gtx will out perform consoles yet again).

t8503053d ago

Dont know why ppl keep bringing up killzone 2 or god of war 3, they are simply average by PC standards. They dont surpass the quality of any multiplat shooter on the PC, no reason to be bringing them up again over and over.

GrandDragon3053d ago

Okay so was that video suppose to showcase Crysis 2?

How come the screen shot comparisons of the console versions are identical to the PC version? And why does it look so most FPS games?

KZ2 still looks better than this, I am not blown away one bit. The video quality was pathetic anyway so I will be waiting for better quality recordings

sid4gamerfreak3053d ago

The PC version looks awesome surpassing Killzone 2 graphics, oh wait most multiplatforms in the pc version do look better than Kz2 and gow 3.

arny3053d ago

it actually makes me laugh that some hobos think Kill Zone 2 is better than crysis 2

infamousinfolite3053d ago

Why are debating which game looks better anyone with brains should know anything pc surpasses anything on ps3.

gijsbrecht3053d ago

Any one who claims that Killzone 2 consists of only drab, dark visuals, obviously has not played it. It's more colorful than this (admittedly short) Crysis 2 trailer is showing.
Frankly, in my opinion this trailer is really not that impressive. And to boast about the cover- and the hit response system, two things that have been done extremely well in KZ2; well, they first have to prove that they can do it on that high a level.

Spiderman3053d ago

Anyone know what the pc requirements are ? Im currently on a i5 750 and a ati 5770...

champ213053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )


this is a benchmark showing how 5770 runs on the original crysis in 1080p. crysis 2 isnt as taxing as the first one, since the maps are smaller. Id say you should expect around 40-45fps @1080p with no AA. Turn on 2x AA and you might be down to 30-35fps @1080p.

The I5 is a very good cpu, though i would have spent more on the gpu instead. GPU is the determining factor when it comes to games.

I would say your rig should handle this game well.

FragMnTagM3053d ago

Oh noes something looks better than KZ2, it's the end of the world! I must make up a B.S. claim to make myself feel better. Says the PS fanboy.

Give it up already. KZ2 looks great, but there were already better looking games out when it launched, get over it. Crysis is miles ahead of KZ2. Crysis 2 will put it to shame. Hell even the Just Cause 2 demo on PC is miles ahead of KZ2. I am really sick of hearing you little fangirls say the most retarded crap I have ever heard. It is quite obvious you have never experienced the graphical capabilities of a modern pc.

What was shown in that gameplay video even on the console version of Crysis 2 far surpasses anything KZ2 did. OPEN WORLD ENVIRONMENT + PROCEDURAL DESTRUCTION + WICKED LIGHTING + REALLY NICE COLORING = way ahead of KZ2, even the 360 version. Of course the fangirls will say otherwise. Anyone with a brain will know the difference.

JonnyBadfinger3053d ago

This game smells of awesome! it literally burns my nose hairs when i see this game.
Though i will be getting it on 360 (no other choice, dont own PS3 or a decent PC), i will be going around to my makes place to see it on his gaming rig, which he is currently rebuilding from scratch... so far it has cost him $6K, he holding out on completing it for a while to see what new GPUs come out in the coming months, or some bs like that.

I dont see the reason for having a suped up gaming rig, 1 its too expensive and 2 i dont play games on the computer only download movies tv shows music and check emails. and drop by to check out whats happening in the gaming world.

And this game dominates KZ2 by the way, which isnt saying much since KZ2 cant even compete with Crysis.

divideby03053d ago

It just tells you something when a game which is made 2 years after KZ is being compared to it...

champ213053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )


what sort of rig is he creating for 6k usd. would you mind listing the parts.

you could have a monster rig for as much as 1500usd. even alienware wont cost you 6000usd lol.

to outperform consoles you only need a 600-700usd rig. Later on since games are cheaper on pc, pc becomes cheaper in the long run. Also dont be fooled by the xbox 360's 300usd price tag, every game bought on the 360 or the ps3 costs more, plus you need to pay for online. Aside the super expensive accessories on the 360. Makes the 360 the most expensive platform to game on, ps3 coming in second. Pc being the cheapest to play on.

DaTruth3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Look how the 360 fanboys latch onto this now! Every other month so and so multiplat will show the power of teh 360. Now they bring up KZ2 in every Crysis thread.

"One day we'll have a multiplat game that is equivalent to the 85 titles on PS3 that blow away the 360!"

Stop waiting and just buy a damn PS3 already! This is getting really pathetic!

rockleex3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Find me a PC with generally around the same kind of specs that the PS3 has. Then show me that it can run a game that looks better than Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, GOW3, GT5, The Last Guardian, etc.

The 360 generally has around the same kind of specs that the PS3 has so its fair to compare the two.

You don't see people comparing PS3 games to Wii games and claim superiority as if nobody expected it.

STK0263053d ago

You're comparing a closed system (the PS3) with an open one (the PC), while a PC will have to be optimized to run on multiple setups (GPUs, CPUs, RAM, HDD, Motherboard, etc), a PS3 game is designed to be played on the PS3. Think about it, a developer will spend about 1 to 2 years to make a game, on one hand you have a team working on the PS3, while on the other hand, you'll have a similar team working on having the game run on multiple systems, you can't expect the same level of optimization.

Just like the PS2 had a meager CPU/GPU combination, yet it did manage to run games like GT4 and GoW2. There's a reason launch games look so bad after a year or two, despite running on the exact same hardware. Anyway, that's how I see it.

EvilBlackCat3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

"Wow, the graphics are almost at Killzone 2 level. A multiplatform game to be that close to Killzone 2 is simply amazing"


You are the best example of what is a fncking ignorant PS3 loyalist that keep trying to convince the world that he is a gamer!

Just fncking accept that Crysis an old game is still fncking all next gen games


FragGen3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

@champ21: My PCs gfx card alone cost more than my X360 did. What's your point?

Everyone knows a PC with a bleeding edge GFX card is the cutting edge platform for any multiplat title that supports it and it's usually about $2000 investment for a rig. A $600 PC is not going to run Crysis2 in a GFX mode that will blow away consoles at an acceptable frame rate. If you're going to turn everything down you might as well use a console and not have to d*ck around with all the configurations/drivers/hassle of running PC games at optimum settings.

That said, my 62" HDTV is a better display than my 24" monitor and my couch pwns my office chair for comfort. I'm glad I make enough $$$ to have both types of system to play at my leisure.

It's apples and oranges, friends.

champ213053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )


2000usd for a rig? might i ask what sort of parts you intend to build that one with? i could make you a top notch rig for 1500usd. I dont know where you get 2000usd from.

for 700usd you would get a rig that runs all of todays games @ maxxed out settings(hence there is no point of a 1500usd rig unless you wanna play crysis @1080p 4xaa extreme graphics with 60fps).

A rig built with 700usd all you would have to do with todays games would be to slide all settings to max on any multiplat game. It would run circles around any console. Saying otherwise is being mistaken. heres a link to a 700usd rig with its benchmarks, tell me what console can do the same.. ill tell ya none:

will run any game asides crysis @60fps+ maxed out 1080p.

lastly incase you didnt know the pc has hdmi just like the consoles, not hard hooking it up to that 62inch tv.

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crazy17043053d ago

I agree, the consoles look good, but PC is simply stunning

Ibol3053d ago

Crysis 2 is a good example for the fact that you need a PC beside your PS3 or X360. The graphics and controls are simply better.

peeps3053d ago

well yeh, the consoles caught up to pc's for the last few years imo, but now pc tech can advance further wheras we're stuck with whats in the consoles.

it's not just about hardware though but also the engines.

champ213053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

well the 360 did catch up momentarily, however the ps3 was outdated before it even lauched. 8800gtx launched the time ps3 launched.

ps3 is yet to produce a game that looks better then whatever the 8800gtx can do(which is crysis 1 on high settings in 1080p no AA).

not to mention 8800gtx being an ancient design by todays standards rips both the consoles a new one in pretty much any multiplat. IGN a console centric site has been using the 8800gtx(along with a dual core cpu) in most of their head to heads till date, 8800gtx always wins, then IGN complains about pc needing uptodate hardware. The irony lol.

DaTruth3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

And all PC CPU's and GPU's are outdated compared to the Cell! What is your point? And please, don't ask for the benchmark links that have been posted up and down this site half a million times! It's a known fact now!

And here I was going to discuss procedural damage. I come to the comments section and the fanboys are degrading the conversation again.

How insecure!

Random4043053d ago

You do know that the radeon 5870 has 1600 stream processors right? The cell has 6 or 7 stream processors. Kinda silly to say what you said don't you think. If crytek would have optimized crysis 2 for dx11 and the 5000 series radeon and next gen nvidia cards it would have been amazing (although it still looks awesome). I can understand some frustration for high end pc gamers.

Arnon3053d ago

"And all PC CPU's and GPU's are outdated compared to the Cell!"

Idiot remark of the day.

Pandamobile3053d ago

Stream processors aren't the same as SPU's, but the principle is the same. The GPU would be like the Cell's main CPU, with a 1600 little shaders that can do things like AI and physcics calculations along with actual graphics.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Crysis 2 is meant to be played better on PC.

Like FFXIII is meant to be played better on PS3.

''And all PC CPU's and GPU's are outdated compared to the Cell!''

Well, you are outdated.

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