Gabe Newell: Portal 2 is "The Best Game We've Ever Done"

1UP writes: Following this year's Game Developers Choice Awards ceremony, we were able to grab Valve's Gabe Newell for a brief chat about Portal 2, wherein he mentioned that he thinks it is the best game Valve has ever created. Here's the transcript of our interview:

1UP: Was Portal 2 from the beginning always going to be a full price game?

Gabe Newell: "One of the nice things about The Orange Box was it allowed us to try out a couple of different things, and Portal really seemed to resonate. We got the signals that we wanted -- this is what people liked; this is what people didn't like. And to us, it was like, 'OK now we know how to take this big,' so that's what we're going to do with Portal 2."

1UP: What's the big answer you give for Portal 2?

GN: "Oh Portal 2's great. It's the best game we've ever done."

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-MD-3174d ago

The best game they've ever done? I find it hard to believe this game is going to top Team Fortress 2.

I hope he's right though because it would be a pleasant surprise.

electricshadow3174d ago

I don't think you can really compare the two, yes, both of them are First Person Shooters, both are made by Valve, but they are completely different genres. Portal is a puzzle game basically, and TF2 is an Online team based shooter. With that said, both of them are fantastic games and I don't think Portal 2 will disappoint fans.

-MD-3174d ago

Well he didn't mention anything about a specific genre. He just flat out said it's the best game they've ever made.

Regardless of the genre I really don't believe this game will beat something like Team Fortress 2.

electricshadow3174d ago

I agree, it is a very bold statement to say. Time will tell. Either way, I'm hyped for this game. I loved the first one, and I will probably love the second one ever more. I have faith in Valve and I don't think they'll mess up this one. I just wish they would show us something that has to do with Episode Three.

Syronicus3174d ago

This coming from Gabe, the same guy who has repeatedly stuck his own foot in his mouth...

Sorry, but I like Portal and believe that Portal 2 will be good but all he is doing is hyping their next release. Until it is released, I reserve judgement for myself.

lelo2play3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Honestly i though, in spite of being small, Portal was one of the best games by Valve and of 2008. I expect Portal 2 to be bigger and better then Portal.

presto7173174d ago

That is not saying much Gabe.

Okay... How about you try saying something impressive about the game instead.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3174d ago

"Portal 2 is the best game we've ever done"

"That is not saying much Gabe."

You need to educate yourself, my friend.
Valve is responsible for some of the best games ever made.

If Portal 2 is indeed the best game that they have ever done, it is going to be amazing x 1,000.

Xeoset3174d ago

Valve are responsible for some of the greatest experiences a gamer can have.

Not that you'd know, judging from your recent trolling; I forgot they don't care for the PS3.

toaster3174d ago

"That is not saying much Gabe. "

You idiot.. without Valve the FPS genre would be nothing like it is today. Half Life paved the way for FPS storytelling. Half Life 2 won 40+ GOTY awards. That's GAME of the YEAR. 40. +. Valve made some of the biggest changes in the industry with Steam and digital distribution. Without Valve and Steam FPS games would still be in the dark ages.

BannedForNineYears3174d ago

No, I doubt they are going to top Half life 2 or Left 4 Dead (2).

y0haN3173d ago

I wasn't grasped at all by Portal. The gameplay is great but I didn't care about the character or anything going on around me. Hopefully that changes with Portal 2.

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qface643174d ago

that honestly just makes them sound really bad

although they haven't shown the actual game i can bet its gonna be pretty much just like the first one with a few bells and whistles thrown in and maybe it will be a bit longer
*points to L4D2*

Natsu X FairyTail3174d ago

they made Half-life which is one of the best games series out there and Team Forteress is pretty good to. So if he feels like Portal2 is the best game they've made I give him the benifice of doubt.

-MD-3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Here we have an example of someone that has been left out of the group.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3174d ago

Portal 2 is the best game we ever made on the PS3... oh wait

hoops3174d ago

Yes the game will flop like all other Valve games...Opps...all of Valves games are critical successes. Fail of a post for you

airfoemoe23172d ago

Bumpmapping likes simple games like God of war because he knows that all he has to do is mash buttons. Portal actually takes thinking power to complete each chamber (especially the advanced ones).

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ThanatosDMC3174d ago

If it's $10 like the last one, i'll agree with him.

Neurotoxin3174d ago

Actually portal is someone else's idea that Valve bought. Although the game will be great i`m sure, valve cannot take credit for the idea. Much like Counter-Strike.

darkequitus3174d ago

The team who made narbacular drop (apart from teleport, not quite portal - freely available to try) are a part of valve now. And it was not just this team that worked on portal and certainly not portal 2 as there are 3x working on that They did not simply buy the idea. Therefore it is Valve. else no company can become a part of another company.

solar3174d ago

you need to learn your facts mate. Narbacular Drop, a 15 minute game with a Princess with no knees and cant jump, isnt anywhere near what Portal is. Valve saw the teams talent, hired them, and with the help of Valve's story writer made Portal from the ground up.

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