CwG: Nintendo Wii FPS Games Data: The Conduit, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex says in one section, "The Conduit has 1,265,276 Total Hours reported, an increase of 22,618 hours from last week.
Metroid Prime Trilogy has 883,178 Total Hours reported, an increase of 35,018 hours.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex has 1,241,643 Total Hours reported, an increase of 111,967 hours."
CwG breaks down the number of players reporting data, sales ranks, and review score averages as well.

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EvilTwin3118d ago

I've noticed a lot of new players on COD:MWR (with requisite noob tubing). Doesn't surprise me that it's passing Conduit.

I'll be doing some MPT marathon playing this weekend.

CoffeewithChess3118d ago

I picked up MPT back in December. I still haven't even opened it!
I did already beat Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, but I haven't played/beaten the first two games.

Thanks for the comment!

EvilTwin3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

No prob, I dig your articles.

I did the same thing with Trilogy. I picked it up, but didn't get a chance to really sink time into it then.

How far did you get into the original Prime? If you hadn't made it to Phendrana Drifts before, you're in for one of the most breathtaking moments in gaming history.

CoffeewithChess3118d ago

The original Prime I only played for about 20 minutes, not very long at all.
I still have it in my collection on the GameCube, just never sat down with it.

EvilTwin3118d ago

You have no idea how jealous I am.

Even after playing Prime 3, there's just something magical about some places in the first game. You'll know them when you get there. And you get to do it for the first time. Lucky!

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SpoonyRedMage3118d ago

I think it has been shown that The Conduit didn't really resonate with the audience that actually picked it up.

I wonder what Battalion Wars is like...(I picked the game up recently and it's awesome!)

EvilTwin3118d ago

I liked Conduit, but the bugs (specifically the wall spawn one) and hackers (Carbonizer ray of death) ruined it. The last time I played it, I had the wall spawn glitch. Rebooted, happened again. And again. When I finally got into a match, I was playing against people who had invulnerability cheats (nothing worse than landing two consecutive head shots and have that person turn a glitched Carbonizer on you).

COD:MWR isn't as pretty, but in every other aspect, it WALKS on TCon.

(I never picked up BWii. Have to look in the used section at Gamestop next time.)

SpoonyRedMage3118d ago

I think I had a better experience than you, only had the wall glitch three times(although that could be too many!) and only ran into two cheaters but whilst I enjoyed the game(and went through it twice, second time with cheats on) I just don't find myself going back for more.

You should pick up BWii, great game! I haven't actually tried out the online yet but it has online co-op which is rare in Wii games!

Brasi823118d ago

Honestly when I first tried Metroid Prime on the Gamecube, I HATED IT. I could get past the awkward controls. It just didn't work for me. However since the Wii has peaked my FPS interest again I've just finished Metroid Prime, and wow, I have to put it in the Top 3 games I've ever played. As for The Conduit I, really enjoyed it. I loved the online for about 6months and then I started getting glitched into walls and that was about enough for me. I went and picked up Modern Warfare: Reflex, and its a pretty good game, I still can't help but think that a lock on feature is a must for all FPS games. Not to say I cannot aim but I find it a big hassle to try and shoot someone who is running and constantly trying to keep the screen up with them. I like how the Conduit did it with it just moving the view of the person with you still having to be able to aim and hit the person. I know I'm not the only one with this problem either because everyone who plays Modern Warfare: Reflex online knows the quickest way to stay alive is to sprint either to right or left because the person cannot keep you in his sights.

tunaks13118d ago

these articles really interesting to read!
MW:R was a really good port.