Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising Now Available on Steam

Relic has announced the release of the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II standalone expansion Chaos Rising, now available worldwide via Steam.

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peeps3200d ago

it's more expensive on steam than boxed though which is crazy.

even GAME in the uk is selling it for £20 but are offering a download version for £30! how does that work lol charging ppl £10 more to download from their website rather than shipping etc etc

ps3ftwin3200d ago

its 29usd, cant see how they are selling it for 30gbp. shouldnt be more then 20gbp according to the current conversion rate.

Chubbs 763200d ago

Who cares bouut diffrence inn 10 20 $ game is hottttt

peeps3200d ago

well yeh but if i can get it for £10 less i will lol just annoying cus i would have prefered to buy on steam, instead will have to order from a site and wait a few days :(

cool that ppl still playing with dow2 get the updates, maps and can play against chaos tho, but just makes me wanna play as chaos all the more!

OtherWhiteMeat3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

This is a must buy.Haven't heard much news of the console Warhammer game,hopefully it hasn't been canceled.

yog-sothot3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

I don't think it's been cancelled, but we haven't seen much of it... a trailer and a couple screenshots

Hopefully we'll see some gameplay at E3

Now, back on Chaos rising : I need to buy this ! soon !