In Pictures: Xbox 360 ROD coffin accessory

PCW: Created by Aussie designer Alexis Vanamois, the Xbox 360 ROD Coffin accessory does exactly what it says on the tin. It's the ultimate final resting place for 'bricked' Xbox 360 consoles; it even has a cavity for your controller.

Vanamois intends to sell his coffin accessories online -- both to Xbox 360 owners and their PS3-owning enemies.

"I anticipate a lot of Sony fans will want to pick one of these coffins up – so they can send it to an Xbox-owning friend" explained Vanamois.

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WildArmed3084d ago

First thing that came to mind:

What the fu<K? lol

(Don't worry kids; the Xbox 360 in the pictures is just playing dead).
But why would you bury a perfectly working controller?

CobraKai3084d ago

I was thinking the same thing. If you get another 360, you got an extra controller.

csimpson3084d ago

I guess its for people that are completely fed up with their Xbox RROD-ing, so they just want to bury the whole bloody thing. (Even so, you could probably flog the controller on eBay.)

ChozenWoan3083d ago

is it appropriate to have an open casket service, or to have a closed one so we can all remember it as it was... when it was still working.

SixZeroFour3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

is it supposed to be the "R"ROD coffin? or is just just taking the RED out of the little saying and calling it a Ring Of Death coffin

EDIT : looks like its made out of cardboard?, i bet i could make one without having to pay for get one if it was free, im always down for a good chuckle, but i wouldnt bury it, id keep it in my

MrMacabre3084d ago

...peaceful. I hope Pachter does the eulogy.

Penno3083d ago

I might get one to prop my PS3 on. :)

ThatCanadianGuy3083d ago

Sad, 360's die so often that people are even selling coffins for them now.

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