GameSpot: Bejeweled Twist Review

Finally, there is a two-player mode to round out this package. This is a competitive version of Classic mode, pitting two players against each other in a race to rack up combos before being overwhelmed by bombs. It's fun, because destroying gems is fun, but there is a severe disconnect between players. It's difficult to know what your opponent is up to, so it feels more like a single-player game peppered with random shouts of happiness or barks of anger rather than an engaging competitive experience.

Furthermore, it requires two carts to play, which is pretty extravagant, and is bogged down by a lot of lag. The single-player component is the heart of the game, but Bejeweled Twist isn't at the same level as its prestigious progenitor. The game is hard to put down once you get in a rhythm, but the experience doesn't leave a lasting impression.

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