Sheridan College Creates 3D Game That Does Not Require 3D Glasses

NextGen Player writes:

"Not convinced that Canada is the coolest gaming country in the world? Aside from the, you know, hundreds of news items discussed right here on NextGen Player, how about this -- Sheridan College has created the first ever real-time stereoscopic 3D video game that does not require 3D glasses. Oh yes, it's true. Read on."

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killa916063118d ago

Future of gaming.

(with no glasses required!)

paulhunter3118d ago

I sure hope so, I hate wearing 3D glasses. Makes it worse that I have regular glasses too. Glasses on top of glasses = sucky.

narked3117d ago

not 1 second after the whole 3d hype with glasses we get this... hologram tv's are out next week! (not really)

PirateThom3117d ago

I hope so.

I like the depth you get from 3D, but damn, the glasses suck. Too heavy, I don't even like wearing very light sunglasses. Horrendous way to watch a movie.

rockleex3117d ago

Sony and other 3DTV companies should adopt this technology!

Especially theaters!

ChozenWoan3117d ago

Last time I saw a system like this it required something like 16 cameras and 16 projectors to record and display 3D without glasses. If this system can work with Sony's current 3D cameras, then this could be the real solution to 3DTVs... until holographic projectors get perfected anyway. ;P

Ohh and I found Waldo,
didn't know he was a Canadian... now it all makes sense.

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Pandamobile3118d ago

I applied to Sheridan last year for its animation program but the portfolio requirements were more than I could handle :(

paulhunter3118d ago

Oh that sucks. I've heard good things about the program. The developer of the 3D game invited me to campus to check out this game. I'll have to swing by next week!

execution173117d ago

gonna be hard gaming with 3D glasses while wearing glasses

karlowma3117d ago

I must've missed the part of the video where they talk about/demo the technology. Was that before the Sheridan College commercial or after the Tourism Ontario ad?

XerockX3117d ago

Simple way to accomplish it. Surprised nobody did this before.
Basically just laying a giant lense over the screen. Cool.

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