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"God of War III is a great game. It just is. beat it Wednesday night and are still digesting what they experienced.

But they managed to catch up to Stig Asmussen, who served as the game director for God of War III and has worked on all three in the franchise. They talked about the tweaked combat system, working on the PlayStation 3, and how to get the 1,000 combo trophy."

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NateNater3172d ago

This is very true. My first play through GoW 1 & 2 mainly consisted of using the good old blades but I used other weapons more on my second time through both games. Hopefully GoW3 brings some sick weapons, besides the blades, to the table.

Nick2120043172d ago

Being the Editor in Chief of and receiving the game early, I must say Sony Santa Monica deserves every little bit of praise in the world. I promise you all this game will make your eyes pop out of socket!

Fatal Blow3172d ago

This might be the only game that i will collect trophy 1,000 combo hear i come

TrevorPhillips3172d ago

Cannot wait for this game its gonna be amazinggg

killajd3171d ago

That is not fair My man u getting it early and me having to see GOW3 on ur profile. LOL Its all good cause Im getting today or towmorrow! Game on

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