Resident Evil 5 Desperate Escape - Spawn Kill Review

Desperate Escape details exactly how Jill and Josh came to occupy the chopper that proved a timely aid to Chris and Sheva at the end of the main campaign. From start to end, this chapter is literally a one-way quest to get to the chopper. And a short one, at that.

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tigresa3083d ago

Argh I am so torn about this one. Lost in Nightmares I want, but I'm hearing such mixed stuff about Desperate Escape. I'll probably just end up buying both though, for fan sake. I mean $5 for content vs $60 for a 9 hour-ish game (if it's your first run) to me is pretty fair, so I might just indulge.

ihaten4glol3082d ago

I was just about to say that regardless of the reviews I still want both of them, haha. Just for completeness' sake. More RE5 is never a bad thing for me.