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KyonoRocks2835d ago

Make sure you click the March trailer on the right side, otherwise you get the one from 2007.

It's looking pretty cool so far.

Mista T2835d ago

It's coming to consoles! at end of the video it says PS3, xbox 360, and PC!

Zedux2835d ago

omg wtf its Deus Ex 3 not Dues lol!

rockleex2835d ago

Btw, I just remembered that this game is made by Eidos... which was bought by Square Enix.

STONEY42835d ago

"It's coming to consoles!"

No! Now we're gonna get another Invisible War. This is gonna be the most console dumbed down pc game for consoles ever (regenerating health, 3rd person cover system, this is not Deus Ex!)

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Hellsvacancy2835d ago

Wotta load of crap, its no different 2 the teaser trailer that was shown ages ago, VERY disappointed :-(


as the guy said above, you need to look at the margin on the right and look at the march dated trailer.

Hellsvacancy2835d ago

My bad, i just noticed it, bubble 2 u


sick, sick, sick, sick.....!!!!! I hope this comes to consoles, if not, I need to starting working my way towards a monster rig.

Hellsvacancy2835d ago

Its cummin 2 consoles, theyve already said

DARK WITNESS2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

cool, at first I heard it was, then i think there was some talk about it being unconfirmed except for PC, so i was not sure. thanks

gillri2835d ago

course it coming to console's if they want to make a decent profit these days

Im a big fan of the original hope its at least close to that one

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