PS Move A Serious Threat To PC Gaming, Goodbye Mouse

PC Gaming always had the cutting edge technology thanks to the consistent upgrades that can be made yearly on that platform.

Well Sony has a new upgrade themselves and it's called the Playstation Move and with this level of accuracy even in hardcore titles, the myth of the mouse being better than the controller seems to have now finally come to an end.

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tunaks13196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

enough of this guys shenanigans
Hell IR is awesome, but please PC gaming and its precision is untouchable.

GreenRingOfLife3196d ago

But I don't think the PSMove will replace the mouse, I mean look at the Wii; it didn't replace the mouse

bpac1234567893196d ago

Hip hop I try to defend you on most articles because I can see that you mean well, but... ur pushin it. What the hell are you thinking? first its the article on how GOW 3 should have gotten a perfect score and now this? Move to replace the keyboard and mouse!? Did i read that correctly? You're loosing more and more credit by the minute. It's fine to speak you're mind but sometime you have to learn a little self control. You can't make an article about every flame bait thing that pops into your head.

electricshadow3196d ago

I agree with you completely. The only thing that will replace a mouse + keyboard is actual virtual reality when we actually get to that sometime in the future. I HATE playing BC2 on my PS3 because the game moves so fast that you need precision. But, thanks to the recent "Steam coming to Mac" announcement, I'll be able to play Counter-Strike, HL 2, L4D2 ect. all on my MacBook Pro.

Arnon3196d ago

[email protected] title... quite possibly the silliest thing ever.

narked3196d ago

the only comprehensible this that MIGHT and i emphasize MIGHT is the razer motion control device coming out later this year. Those guys are pure veterans when it comes to precision, and if someone will get a perfect motion device it will be from razer.

And come on who are we kidding nothing will replace the mouse any time soon.

qface643196d ago

pffft i remember everyone saying the same thing about the wiimote before it was released

personally i think pc controls IE mouse are pretty crappy
people say they are far superior bah blah blah but its not it all comes down to personal preference and i just prefer a gamepad
just my 2 cents on mouse

sid4gamerfreak3196d ago

OMFG, this has gotta be the most laughable material n4g has got. Belive it or not because all u ps3 fanboys r so hopeful, M+K is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more precise than the ps move, in socom 4 i saw that guy struggling with his so called precision controller.

pixelsword3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

I definitely would say *can* more precise way, IF you have a good sense of aim like my grandfather has. I still remember when he played Duck Hunt and shot ducks from across the room in his chair while sipping on a lemonade. Pure Grandpa ownage.

What Sony should do is add mouse support to all of their PS3 games and also add a keyboard filter to filter out non-keyboard gamers if a controller-made server desires it.

Army_of_Darkness3196d ago

leave the pc gamers with their mouse and keyboard alone HHG! just. leave. them.. alone. I hear they luv playing games with those things... that I use to browse the web....

mikeslemonade3196d ago

I think you guys are brainwashed. Technology always evolves. The "mouse" today won't be the "mouse" of tommorow. PS Move might not be the end for the mouse, but it shows that if the technolgy for PS eye is more advanced and is able to tract way more accurately than it can be better than the mouse.

And the Wiimote didn't work because if you point out of the registering window than it doesn't work. The PS eye has a more expanded window of registering.

Also you guys saying nothing beats mouse+kb is essentially saying that DVD is the end all the be all, and you ignore blu-ray and digital distribution.

evrfighter3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Mouse+Keyboard is like having a Tank, while PSMove or Controller would be like having a plastic butter knife. That would be a more precise analogy.

I think HHG is showing his true colors on where he stands with pc gaming.

He's obviously taken a dislike to it. Probably because those two pc gamers in an interview awhile back called him out on his console bs.

but if you hate the one platform that defines next-gen. Can you really call yourself a HipHopGamer? HipHopLastGenGamer is more like it as pc will always be a few generations more advanced then consoles.

I won't even discuss the title speaks for itself. HHG is doing a fine job of shooting himself lol.

-Alpha3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

That's a terrible analogy. PS Move isn't replacing PC gaming or control. This article is coming from the guy who said PC gaming was dead. He breeds on flamebait idiocy.

Do you really think it's going to replace the Mouse?

You are talking about a peripheral that costs about $60 for ONE wand, and fail to realize that you STILL need to use an analog stick (subcontroller), so just because PS Move will track things well doesn't mean it will make PC gaming irrelevant or change how PC gaming is played.

If PC gaming is threatened by motion control do you really think a product that HASN'T EVEN COME OUT YET, that requires TWO main wands to get the full experience, and that uses a non-motion detecting subcontroller with an analog stick is going to replace a mouse? The audience for this is not there in the PC world. God I can't believe how bad HHG makes Playstation look. Instead of leaving this fanboyism at the door he decides to fuel it. This is no different that the Natal BS about how it's going to "change gaming forever"

Odion3196d ago

Mike a mouse can track over 1000 pixels per inch, a really good mouse can do triple that, no motion controller can compete with that and if one could it would be something that works with OptiBurst

-Alpha3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Claim: PS Move is a serious threat to PC gaming, the mouse is history!

Proof: Playstationz rox.

Just a thought:

The PS Move isn't even trying to replace the Dualshock 3, is promising to be an alternative peripheral, is promising the Dualshock to still be the main controller, and HHG somehow wants us to believe it will replace the mouse or create a serious problem for PC gaming.

If the mouse is going to say goodbye than the normal console
controller must be in hell since Mouse > Analog stick. Damn, I guess nobody is going to want to sit on their ass and use analog sticks after Move comes out... oh wait, most of us still will.

Does HHG ever think things through? Clearly not.

HipHopGamer: 0 Common Sense: Over 9000

Consoldtobots3196d ago

anyone that thinks a qwerty keyboard and optical pointing device are "optimized" for gaming is a PC fanboy to the extreme.

Tony P3196d ago

I was well on my way to taking this seriously until I saw the source.

xabmol3196d ago


The mouse and keyboard setup is extremely unergonomic. They were never designed for games. I will admit that the mouse is very accurate for shooters, but it is awkward to hold and maneuver holding it between your thumb and pinky/ring fingers while taping your pointing/middle finger. It's something gamers have to heavily adapt to. And WASD is just ridiculous. Don't even get me started about WASD!

This is why I prefer the controller to the mouse & keyboard setup even though the latter is more accurate. The controller is comfortable and was designed from the ground up to play games.

Raf1k13196d ago

The mouse is still more precise than the Move IMO.

The best control setup is mouse + nunchuk as WASD keys only allow you to move 8 directions which works fine as it is but being able to move in full 360degree direction is better.

xabmol3196d ago

"The mouse is still more precise than the Move IMO."

#1: The difference in precision between the mouse and the Move is something that can be tested scientifically. Therefore, opinion has no real place here.

#2: Neither you nor I have yet to actually hold or use the Move. So your opinion is null.

DaTruth3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

I was just about to say relax PC guys, this is just HHG flamebait and no PS3 owner actually believes this. Then you had to come along Mike!

But Mike has been one of the more optimistic people when it comes to the PSMove and as long as I don't remember him bashing on the Wii's motion controls, that's alright! Whatever floats your boat!

sikbeta3196d ago

And after that, the Mouse will Replace toilet paper, right?


kevnb3196d ago

if its anything like using the wii mote to play a fps, it wil be pretty crappy.

FragGen3196d ago

Reports of the mouse's death are greatly exaggerated.

Arnon3195d ago

My G500 can move at 5700 DPI. I don't think the PSMove can "move" anywhere near that level of accuracy, so no Mike, I'm afraid that the Playstation Move is no where near capable of what gaming mice can do.

xabmol3194d ago

Metroid Prime Corruption says, STFU!

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WildArmed3196d ago

wow. havn't seems HHG video in awhile.

But i dont think PS Move can replace the mouse, they just seem very different. But only time will tell.

I"m actually thinking of buying the mouse controller for my ps3.

Geralt3196d ago

It's no threat to PC gaming. At all.

This "article" is just embarrassing.

Oh wait, it's from HHG? Makes sense now.

Pandamobile3196d ago

HHG, you honestly think Move is going to replace mouse + keyboard controls?

There's a reason why PC shooter controls haven't changed in 16 years:
Because a mouse is still the best way to play an FPS.

saint_john_paul_ii3196d ago

its HHG, the rickroll of N4g, what did you expect.

Letros3196d ago

The fail is strong in this one.