SOCOM 4, played with PlayStation Move: our thoughts

We played with the PlayStation Move at the party last night, but at Sony's more intimate gathering at the W Hotel today it was easier to get a better picture of the peripheral. The main games on the floor were interesting, but the game we wanted to play? SOCOM 4, with the PlayStation Move.

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saint_john_paul_ii3202d ago

Positive Move News for the Hardcore gamers??? REJOICE!!!!

WildArmed3202d ago

The only thing i'm VERY happy about it the dual support/
If i dont feel like using PSmove, i can kick out my DS3 (which i love very much!)

rroded3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

"Aiming the crosshairs with the Move worked well, and I didn't feel any lag. While I was new to the game, the firefights and encounters were a blast with the controller; there is something much more satisfying about aiming at the screen with a controller instead of moving an analog stick. This is a controller that's ready for more mainstream use in shooters, and the fact that Sony already has a high-profile release that uses the technology so well is heartening."

amazing natural lag free gameplay that improves on the ol dual shock omfg

jus wait till we see what else is coming for the hardcore XD

Army_of_Darkness3202d ago

The MOVE is gonna separate the scared, shaky armed girly boys, from the steady armed men!!! ;)
This Move controller will prove who has the real head-shot kill skills!

beardpapa3202d ago

There's a difference between no lag as stated by Ars and the "lag" that IGN reported. Apparently, IGN doesn't understand that a hold in the Motion Fighters tech demo is akin to a hold in any other game where interaction is at a minimal hence no 1:1, e.g., pressing O/B to hold an enemy and mashing X/A to continue attacking during the hold. Of course, IGN interprets this as "lag" and not as a design issue.

ThanatosDMC3202d ago

Looks like my right hand's gonna need a lot of practice...

HolyOrangeCows3201d ago

"Aiming the crosshairs with the Move worked well, and I didn't feel any lag. While I was new to the game, the firefights and encounters were a blast with the controller; there is something much more satisfying about aiming at the screen with a controller instead of moving an analog stick"

I want to see Move do what Wii failed to do: create several awesome non-rail shooters.

FragGen3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

After reading this and seeing another GDC vid w SOCOM4/Move, this sounds like it s*cked donkey dong compared to a regular controller for this type of game.

Really this thing is going to hopelessly blow for FPS and TPS games. Sure it'll rock for golf games, but let's just stop trying to kid ourselves about this being all things to all gamers.

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hermie3202d ago

But at least Sony has the balls to show the tech around a good bit and let the media post videos and such of their individual experiences when playing it. Perhaps I haven't been keeping good track of current events, but MS seems to still keep info locked down concerning Natal.

The Wood3202d ago

psygnosis + amiga = win

you also make a great point. I dont think natal will be able to replicate the level of gameplay shown WITHOUT some kind of controller. The tech isnt available for the price their touting plus they've already had to remove things from natal just to keep the price reasonable. E3's gunna be very interesting

unrealgamer583202d ago

I don't know if it's confirmed or not, But I hope modnation racers will be using this.

Also how sweet would it be if EA patched fight night round 4 for motion control.

WildArmed3202d ago

why would they do that?
When they can just make Fight Night 5 and yell out MOTION GAMING SUPPORT lol

I mean it'll sell, so i dont see them going back to patch many games that may hurt potential future games

TehSuperCell3202d ago

Wow. Did Sony just allow a fps to suck? I mean, It would be unfair for the DS3 users who dont own a MOVE. This is kinda like a PCvsConsole, in witch its Mouse vs Analog.
Yeah, MOVE has a negative effect on us gamers. Except the fanboys.

tripewire3202d ago

Here's a hint....


Move is supported, not mandatory.

<shakes head>

jjohan353202d ago

tripewire, apparently you did not read his comment. He did not state anything about what is mandatory or not. He is concerned about any unfair advantages that would be given to the sony move players against those who do not own one. Since it's not mandatory, that would mean matches would consist of some players having the sony Move while others do not. I think it's a valid concern, although I don't think it will be a serious problem.

KarateExplosion3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Then you would know hardcore pc gamers rock a $130 mouse for sensitivity and $50 mousepad to control it and $100 keyboard with ammo stats built in... also $350 vid card for more fps and a big monitor with 1920x1080 res to see that pesky sniper..... Get real and find a better argument. If you want the advantage pay the money... Thats how it is on every system.

Abriael3202d ago

The only ones actually complaining about people using a different controller are the ones who like to moan about nothing.
Everyone will use the control scheme that feels the more natural to them.

I don't moan at people when playing forza 3 because the guy that passed me was using a 300 dollars fanatec wheel with manual stick, pedals and clutch and I'm using a normal controller.

In console FPSs nowadays, there are already plenty people that use several implements like the fragFX that gives them a mouse and a nunchuck-like thingie. It's not the only one. Are you going that cry because the guy that just fragged you might be using something like that?

When Razrer release their new 360 controller that allows more precision and a lot of little useful advantage, are you gonna cry about that as well?

Grow up a little, there always will be people using different control scheme, whether Sony adds a new one to the PS3 or not.

PirateThom3202d ago

I'd hazard a guess, and knowing Zipper and their desire to try and maintain balance and the obvious advantage, it won't be supported online.

Abriael3202d ago

so they won't support 42 LED Tvs online as well? because you know, it's an advantage compared to the poor gamers with Standard resloution TVs lol.

BattleAxe3202d ago

Heres another hint, its not a FPS you f**k'n idiot.

Tony-A3202d ago

Where is this FPS you speak of.....?

Soooo many things wrong with your post.

xabmol3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Why not just have a separate matchmaking? One for controllers, and one for the Move.


Anyone else notice that TehSuperCell just admitted that the Move is better than a standard controller? xD

n00b troll is n00b! We can sense your jealousy! LOLOLOL!!!

Pennywise3201d ago

Wow... if you think motion controls are an advantage is stupid.

FPS... Why am I even responding to you?

sikbeta3201d ago

@Guys Replying to TehSuperCell dude

A Hint: He's Bungie = The Multi-Account-TROLL

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Ivan Drago IV3202d ago

a positive news report on the 'move' these "journalists" just dont get it, didnt they learn their lesson the first time around when they bashed the PS3 and said it was doomed and a failure? and they ended up getting major owned as the PS3 is now the console to own these days.

360 fanboys are acting like if move fails the PS3 will also fail, they seem to forget all the great 1st party games and 3rd party multiplats to come to the PS3 still.

PS3 has the upper hand now, PS3 has shown very effectively how 'move' can work with their hardcore flagship shooter franchise 'Socom' all MS has shown is break dancing and dodge ball.

ChozenWoan3202d ago

as well as the
Definitive Racing Simulation Game
of this generation.

Fall 2010 we know we have GT5, Soccom4, and 20+ PSMove games. All of that on top of who knows what E3 will bring. Not to mention the great year we are having so far with MAG, Heavy Rain, and FF13. With GoW3, Yakuza3, Mod Nation Racer, and 3D Dot Heroes right around the corner.

Too Many Games!!!

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