GDC: Fable III Demo

Brand new footage showing off your wardrobe room, combat and more!

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WildArmed3081d ago


Fable 1 n 2 were lik DOS.
N Fable 3 like Windows.
I hope it's Windows XP sp 2 =p Not windows vista.

yeah. Fable 3 looks pretty good.

KionicWarlord2223081d ago sounds great .

That rubbing gold on your body is pretty interesting .

WildArmed3081d ago

Lol I love how your wife is spending a good time in your best bud's house part.
I think we'll behead her now...

And the Gold.. butt rubbinng.. I think he may be exaggerating? lol
The action looks cool, I always thought Fable 3 could use a more deeper action system. (something along the lines of Demons Souls).
Umm.. btw when he said you can see your friends inthe same map did he mean Live friends or NPC?

I can't wait for E3 for more info on this.

Fable: LC was the best WRPG i've played to date. So i'd like Fable3 to take it's place.

KionicWarlord2223081d ago

ha...that best friend comment was just something peter would think of .

It would be great if you can see live friends in your map . It would make sense if your playing together .

Ign also blurred stuff in the vid . I guess Peter couldn't reveal more stuff yet i see .

multipayer3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Wouldn't be too far fetched if it actually showed what area your live friends are in, it basically already says that in your profile when playing most games. Some hassle free spectating would be epic though.

Natsu X FairyTail3081d ago

Sounds good but I dont want to go back and fourth to change armor.

Julie3081d ago

I love my doggy i wish we can find him a girlfriend to have puppies! :)

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blu_yu_away3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I hope this doesn't mean that whenever I want to change weapons or clothing/armor I'll have to travel to my wardrobe or armory. I do like how the map sounds to be comprised of somewhat simulation aspects with control over cities, hopefully its not just simple superficial junk. It would be awesome if it functioned like a city building/strategy sim game.

WildArmed3081d ago

the map does look alot better now.

But as for the armory, yes I hope we dont have to run back.

Instead of either/or option, they should include lists and the wardrobe.. depending on how the player sees fits.
Bcoz I love lists... ><

tudors3081d ago

upgraded, I have a feeling fable 3 will be the best so far.

Mo0eY3081d ago

Too bad this guy is on a console where people don't buy innovation. I'd love to buy a 360 for his games because I loved Fable and Black and White. His dreams are crushed, however, because of the DVD9 limitations as well as a shooter-only console.

Oh well, maybe he'll smarten up some day.

kingdavid3081d ago

moan moan moan.

You are seriously one cynical person.

sukru3081d ago

The video looks edited before release. Whenever the player goes into the menu, the screen is scrambled.

I wonder Peter finally decided to keep things to himself, and not spoil that much this time...

NewZealander3081d ago

i think IGN blurred those bits

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