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Nitrowolf23118d ago

i never notice this but if you go to make.believe in ps store there is a free dynamic theme

Kappa Mikey3118d ago

Nice glad there's finally a demo of MLB 10: The Show

edwineverready3118d ago

Not really into sports games, but i am going to try out this one.

randomwiz3118d ago

"its a huge demo "

Thats something I've been noticing about ps3 exclusive demos in the past few months.

Ratchet&Clank > 2gb
GOW3 > 2gb
MLB 10 > 2gb

legendkilla3118d ago

i think im going to pick up the Dragon Age expansion :)

edwineverready3118d ago

Free M.A.G uniforms. I am happy.

ThatArtGuy3118d ago

Mega Man 10!!! WHOO HOO!

Mr. Perfect is a trophy?!? NOOOOOO!!!

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