IGN: End Bosses: Sony On Move Controller

Following the unveiling of Sony's Move motion controller and sub-controller, IGN sat down with president of worldwide studios Shu Yoshida to discuss the device. He was kind enough to answer their questions comparing it to the Wii remote and even humored rumors about a version of Heavy Rain that may yet utilize Move.

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WildArmed2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

IGN: So have you done tests to see how Move compares to the Wii remote in terms of lag and response time? Does Move perform favorably in these tests?

Shu Yoshida: That probably should best be answered by the third-party developers. If they work on the same game on both Nintendo Wii and PS3, they are in a better position to answer that because our developers tend to be exclusively working on PS3. So we haven't actually done the side-by-side comparison using the same game.

You just dont get these types of answers anymore.
Simply saying: I'm may sound biased, so I"m going to stick to evaluating my product independent of any other.

Wow on top of that he pawns all the wii-games copy comments:

Shu Yoshida: There are many, many shooters out there. Do you criticize any company making, you know, Modern Warfare? Right? You know, a boxing game with a new control scheme -- if you feel much more into the game, the immersiveness, the game should exist. We're talking about advancing the genre with different types of games.