Sony: 13 Million PS3s Sold By March's End Despite Tight Inventory

Hardware constraints dragged on February's NPD results, but PlayStation 3 saw unit sales up 30 percent year over year and though Sony is facing supply constraints, it still plans to make a major sales milestone by the end of the month.

"There continues to be incredible demand for PlayStation 3, but tight inventory is definitely having an impact on recent sales numbers," says Sony Computer Entertainment corporate communications senior director Patrick Seybold.

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Immortal Kaim2903d ago

Great job by Sony, the slim (and price drop) are doing great things for them.

alphakennybody2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

don't forget the awesome-bar-raising exclusives too!

Darkeyes2903d ago

And everyone laughed when Sony came out last year and said PS3 expected sales would be around 13 million.... Never doubt Sony.

LordMarius2903d ago

wow they actually met their expectations, kudos

blue7xx72903d ago

No one laughed everyone thought when Sony announced their goal that there would be a price drop which there was. But anyways good for them they really have step their game up with their exclusives.

holyorangecows22903d ago

Good for Sony even with limited stock they are doing good.

unrealgamer582903d ago

with better exclusives than any other next gen console............ its a given