PlayStation Move Developer Diary #2

Chris Morell, Senior Specialist of Social Media, writes:

"If you saw our live broadcast on Ustream yesterday, then you've been properly introduced to PlayStation Move. We're incredibly excited to start bringing you lots of PlayStation Move content in the coming months, starting right here. Head on over to to find out what PlayStation Move is bringing to the PS3."

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whateva3048d ago

is this their 1st game?

are they with Sony? what?

I want my EYETOY PLAY 4! when is London studio making some games for the Move controller?

Why am I asking so many Questions?

where is waldo?

why do popcorn pop?

WildArmed3048d ago

seems like they are a small dev group.

By the looks of the site, it looks like it just got made.

ChozenWoan3048d ago

Looks like they are the studio behind the Gladiator game... cool. It's at the top of my list of PSMove games to try out.

To be honest, what is being made for the PSMove's debut is interesting, but I can't wait to see the gen2 and gen3 PSMove games. Those are really going to raise the bar.