Halo 3: In-depth Bungie Q&A

For your reading pleasure, IGN humbly offers you an extensive interview with two of the most influential figures in Halo 3's development - Jaime Griesemer, Sandbox Design Lead, and Tyson Green, Multiplayer Design Lead. Check out their candid comments on the evolution of Halo 3's deployable equipment, the medals system, and the new film-capturing options and their implications...

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MK_Red3798d ago

Yeah, thats a quite time for each day. This shows their devotion to their games.

VirusE3798d ago

AHHHHH its blocked from my work. What does it say!!!!

SF49er4083798d ago

80 percent workin on sp, the single player is gonna be hella fun and look awesome. Cant wait for this, its gonna sell millions of 360's. i know kids in college who say theyre waitin for halo 3 to buy a 360 and i know alot of people are plannin on buyin one this christmas n e wayz for gta4 and other games. People see 299$ premium console with GTA4, newly made halo 3 with hella hype, assassins creed, splinter cell, theyre gonna take that over a 599$ ps3 with gta4, assassins creed, and maybe mgs4. but i think ill just wait till later to get the good ones like heavenly sword, and drakes fortune.

BIGBAER3797d ago

It's tough trying to stay calm about all the Halo 3 news.... Can September get here any sooner?

heihoosilver3797d ago

can´t wait to put my hands on this game.
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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