More Mass Effect 2 DLC Announced

Bioware has announced more downloadable content for Mass Effect 2 titled Kasumi's Stolen Memory, which is due April 6th.

You can meet her in The Citadel and help her on a top secret recovery mission.

No price revealed yet but the content should last around an hour/hour and a half.

Eurogamer have more

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SuperSaiyan43054d ago

That the content will be free all the content so far has been free for ME2 but I guess only time will tell. I wonder if they will bring out an expansion pack for ME2.

EvilBlackCat3052d ago

wow this game is awesome

THANKS for the game Bioware!

Quagland3052d ago

I'm not sure but I think there's a price tag. I'm happy to pay for more ME 2 though.

TheColbertinator3052d ago

I'll pick it up unless Microsoft charges too much for it on the 360

PotNoodle3052d ago

Great news. Can't wait.

CobraKai3052d ago

I remember reading in a game informer that there was gonna be a vehicle based DLC mission. Any word? I heard it was gonna be free.

Sameh3052d ago

Thanks for getting me excited, I thought it was new DLC but this has already been announced.

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