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MyInsideGamer writes:

"I've just finished reading another statement from Microsoft about how blu-ray is becoming redundant and how digital media is the future. This, in the kindest words possible is bullshit. Now I try to keep opinion pieces as unbiased as possible, but for a reputable company such as Microsoft to make such a ludicrous claim is ridiculous."

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Jamie Foxx2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Ms cannot come out an say,'we backed the wrong format,we should have included a HD in every console and now developers are pi##ed that dvd9 is hindering them'

Don't you think if ms could include blu-ray now they would?just like how they said HDMI isn't necessary (again PR talk) what they really meant is 'yes its needed but we never included it' but because its a simple thing to implement they did at a later date,its impossible for them to include blu-ray for gaming due to the fact it would render the 360s already purchased obsolete.

as for ms countering lack of blu-ray with DD,thats PR talk also,sony has a better chance of doing that this gen due to every console having a HARDDRIVE

Its not rocket science why so many boring unintelligent articles on this from supposedly 'professional' journalists?

Genesis52997d ago

They know they are wrong. They just won't admit it.

vflhp2997d ago

But that's just it, they can if they wish. God hasn't forbidden Bill Gates from warranting a Blu-Ray add-on. Just two days ago they said the 360 will never see an add-on - yes, it's PR mumbo jumbo but it's unnecessary. If Microsoft backed the wrong format, don't trash talk the right format, incorporate it!

Anorexorcist2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

"...but for a reputable company such as Microsoft to make such a ludicrous claim is ridiculous"

This guy must be new to the fold. Microsoft is certainly no newcomer when it comes to the ludicrous claim-making game (just check out the Aaron Greenberg Comments On Natal Versus MOVE article just a little ways down on the main page). He needs to hit up Mr. Peabody and the WAY BACK machine to get up to speed with MS in that regard.

Jamie Foxx2997d ago

An ill counter every single one of points with common sense

IdleLeeSiuLung2997d ago

I don't think Blu-ray is as relevant anymore as there are now plenty more options to get your media. Sure, BR has an advantage in that it is of better quality and is a physical format.

However, what I learned from the previous generation of media, the DVD, I realized that I was amazing a huge collection that takes a lot of space. It is hardly worth anything now, but with a streaming or downloaded option, it hardly takes any space. I can take the account to my friends house to

I haven't bought a DVD in ages, and the last and only BR movie I ever bought is Enter the Dragon. I either rent, stream or use netflix.

CD Audio is superior to MP3, but that didn't stop it from shrinking the market.

The market is now fragmented and physical format is going the way of extinction. People are getting more and more used to consuming audio/video digitally only.

Who knows, we might even get a green movement to push the digital age faster!

SeNiLe9112997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

other then how naive this guy is. Three paragraphs in I stopped reading because he doesn't know what he's talking about.

He obviously doesn't own an Xbox 360 or never watched or rented a HD 1080P movie off the marketplace or Netflix.

For those that don't own an Xbox360 and don't know about "Instant On" (1080p HD streaming video in an Instant) then you can read more here,

Maddens Raiders2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

@IdleLeeSiuLung - 19 minutes ago

"I don't think Blu-ray is as relevant anymore as there are now plenty more options to get your media. Sure, BR has an advantage in that it is of better quality and is a physical format."

dude you should've just stopped typing after that...really, everything after is pure comedy gold.

(P.S. - I just saw the new Kevin Butler GOW3 commercial with the chick that's getting "ignored" for the first time during the Trailblazers v Warriors game. Thank God for Blu-ray - the game looks visually overwhelming.)

DailyAddict2997d ago

The reason digital downloads won't take off any time soon is that a lot of people trade their games in if it has no replay value (which a lot are just beat it once and it's done). You can't trade in a digital copy so a lot of people will opt for a disk given the choice. Digital only works for smaller things like music for now, but will be a ways before it's the masses in gaming.

And MS talking about digital downloads is the future is ironic given not all of the 360's even have a hard drive and their prices for them is ludicrous.

jessupj2996d ago

You know..... just once, just once in their whole lives I would love to see Microsoft be humble. It makes my blood boil how much they hate to lose. Their insatiable revulsion of losing is so much that they would waste money, go out of their way and employ very questionable tactics just to one-up Sony, just so they can say "We beat you, nar nar". There isn't a more childish company in the entire world.

It just disgusting the spew that comes out of their PR department week after week. I will never support this company as long as they keep making childish, pathetic jabs at their competition.

God_Of_Epicness2996d ago

M$ will always be M$. Arrogant and evil.

Syronicus2996d ago

The interest in BD purchases and rentals will become greater. Anybody who has seen both BD movies and digital downloads or streams knows that BD movies outperform in every aspect. MS is still bitter about their horrible loss in the HD-DVD market that they will say anything negative about BD. If they honestly thought BD was bad and not worth the investment then they would have never supported HD-DVD since it too was a physical media and not digital distribution.

sikbeta2996d ago

Ah...Please, Digital Media is So Far Away... [email protected] HDDs that can get f*cked as usual, like 10 Times Bigger Servers than Now, just imagine a "Big" Release, oh and with the Current ISP "state", lol, it's so improbable...

thewhoopimen2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Answer this idle.... How come the PSPGo which is download based hasn't taken off?

I'm sure the download files for the PSPGo are like 1/3 the size of what DVDs are. The answer is I think Sony has proven already that digital media still fails.

I'd like to see MS put their money where their mouth is and release a FIRST party title via download. LOL we all know that answer.
You know what too? I also get this sinking "feeling" that games will continue to grow in size as long as demand for quality goes up. Sorry but until bandwidth AVERAGES at least 80+ mbits in the US, digital media streaming of HD games will remain a minority.

IdleLeeSiuLung2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Tell my why then Netflix Streaming, Hulu, Steam, Xbox Live Arcade games, PSN Arcade games and iTunes is taking off like wildfire in a windstorm?

The PSP Go is nothing more than a money grab attempt by Sony gone wrong. Consumers recognized there was a superior product on the market for a lower price, the PSP-3000. Also, the majority already preferred the Nintendo DS at a significantly lower price point.

Why anyone would pay $80 more for a less capable PSP with limited choices is beyond me? It was a failure at the outset and the articles and peoples reaction at the unveiling warned of this impending disaster.

Even Sony admitted the price is too high:

The only thing holding back digital downloads/streaming is broader high speed internet connection to the masses at a more reasonable price. Once we have that, people will prefer the instant gratification of streaming and downloadable content despite it's disadvantages.

The vast majority of people don't care about HD and that is why we still have plenty of people playing Wii. To even aggravate the issue, there are plenty of people playing Xbox 360 and PS3 on Standard Definition TV!

Sure, physical media has it's place and will not disappear for a long time, but it's market has already been fragmented and will continue to shrink.

thewhoopimen2996d ago

Then if MS is THAT confident in HD digital media downloading for games, let them release Alan Wake, Crysis2, on Xbox Live! They won't because they're hypocrites. It is so obvious that we don't have the bandwidth to handle full fledged downloads yet. And guess what? Bluray is proving that studios want more than 8 gbs to work with on titles.

IdleLeeSiuLung2996d ago

Well, MS aren't stupid like Sony and released the PSP Go as an overpriced download only device when clearly the market isn't ready for it.

The market is moving in that direction, but a big chunk of people still don't have broadband. Games on Demand is pretty successful on the 360 and Steam is increasing sales every year. I never really heard any PC gamer using Steam complain about download time for their games. There are plenty of PC games that use multiple DVDs.

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WildArmed2997d ago

Well i'm pretty sure Sony could have been wrong with Bluray too if you think of it that way.

But Sony pulled through.

Now, MS has to really push DD if they want it to succeed. I dont think they'll ever be a good time for DD unless some one takes the leap.

Tony-A2997d ago

There will always be some people who want physical representations of something.

Until people get forced to follow the digital route, it will take years and years until everyone gets used to it. It's part of the reason why video game consoles are still insanely popular and relevant (that and power).

It's also part of the reason why CD players are still standard in today's cars. Even if MP3 is hugely successful (which it is), many still like to burn them onto CDs and play them in cars, consoles, etc. Other reasons why MP3 is successful is because we have MP3 Players (yet another physical representation) that can play the software.

sikbeta2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Even if M$ push DD, they'll Rely on ISPs, not only take Time and Money, is a MEDIA that doesn't have a "standard" way of "control" and only taking in Consideration the 3 Markets [US+EU+JP] and Excluding everything else...

tdogchristy902997d ago

I would have to agree, I love my xbox as much as my ps3 but it does seem like MS is being a little unrealistic in its approach.

jessupj2996d ago

Ms are a lot of things, but they aren't stupid. They know very well what they say, at this point in time, is complete and utter garbage. But of course they won't say they were wrong. Has ms in the history of the company ever admited they were wrong?

GiantEnemyCrab2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

MS is in a spot they can't support it fully on the 360 so they are going to downplay it. However, for them to completely dismiss the format and pretend like it hasn't become the format of choice for HD is ridiculous. It just shows MS is a "me" company, they don't care about the industry, people/customers they just want to be in control and be the ONE.

They have a history of this with Open Source as well. MS would be such a better company if they embraced the market and their competitors more.

I bet all of them own Blu-ray players and buy HD movies.

Tito082997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

I really like that, compared to the rest which they act like if MS never done anything wrong and I think MS betrayed Toshiba because they talked about DD as being better than both Bluray and HDDVD, that wasn't cool by them... MS at least should of implemented HD-DVD for the system it would of helped Toshiba and the games, and they had a very good chance of doing so back in '05, but they needed to be first in the market, needed the DVD, so they could sell DLC!!!!

Godmars2902997d ago

What gets me is that though they tout DD, their actually in poor position to support it.

Yes they can stream it, have the only console that streams their own movies, but then there are dozes of DVR services like Tivo that are in more homes. Then there's Netflix on the PS3, which by all counts have caused people to drop XBL.

emk20042997d ago

so true i bet AG has it hidden in his house from steve ballmer.

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