SOCOM 4 Lead Designer GDC 2010 Interview

More than a few eyebrows were understandably raised when Sony revealed that SOCOM 4 would include PlayStation Move motion control support. Fortunately, G4 was able to track down the G4TV: game's lead designer, Travis Steiner, during GDC 2010 to find out why hardcore and casual gamers shouldn't be quite so quick to dismiss the new gameplay options provided by Move.

"It's a different kind of experience. One that's very new to players. And I think hardcore gamers are really going to dig it. I think the major barrier in the past there has just been precision. But I think when the players try it in SOCOM 4, they will get excited about motion controls."

To find out more about what awaits SOCOM players in the latest installment, motion your mouse over the video below and hit play

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