For The First Time In 3 years, Xbox 360 Is Number 1

February wasn't the best of months for the industry in terms of software and hardware sales. PS3 did experience a 30 percent increase in sales over last year, but the industry on a whole realized another month of decreased sales compared to 2009. However in the midst of it all, the Xbox 360 manages, time and time again to defy the odds.

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Cmen3078d ago ShowReplies(31)
Shamuz3078d ago

Xbox 360 is only number 1 cause Wii and PlayStation 3 have hardware shortages.

High demand, low stock.

SixZeroFour3078d ago

whos fault is that really?

WildArmed3078d ago

Lol, please don't make excuses.

Take it in, and breathe. This is not the end of the world.
Unless MS had an covert mission to kill all the Wii n ps3 supplies, it doesn't matter.
Regardless of whatever, 360 came first in the USA in Feb '10, let it go.

Eddie201013078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )


Not any one's fault, just the two companies didn't expect demand to be so high the first two months after the holidays.

Also may be a shortage of a particular part for either console that cold be holding manufacturing up.

Celeras3078d ago

Xbox is number 1 because they only counted US sales, conveniently forgetting that the 360 came in dead last worldwide for the same month.


Feihc Retsam3078d ago

I could buy a PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii at any Walmart, Target or Best Buy around here.
The PS3 and Wii are not sold out, so people around here are certainly not outstripping supply.
That sounds like something SONY would say, though. We'll see.

weazel3078d ago

Yup, we'll wait and see, wont we, rekcus kcoc. (Oh, sorry - I meant Feihc Retsam.)
As if you have any clue, fanboy prime.

IdleLeeSiuLung3077d ago

I find it funny that Sony has lower stock than MS not to mention shortages, considering their recent price cut and AAA exclusive games.

They must not have faith in their product.

vhero3077d ago

Wow thanks to them being in stock thanks to low sales in previous months and the other consoles not being available anywhere. Not to mention this is yet again US only! God damn Americans..

3077d ago
Lightsaber3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

You can make any excuse you want they had a year head start. the ps3 is having a shortage (yeah right).I see tons of ps3 in every store I go in some shortage. The buttom line is the 360 outsold everything. The buttom line is the ps3 is still in dead last in worldwide sales. The reason for it doesnt really matter the end result is all that matters.

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Tripl3seis3078d ago

Wow and you're happy cus the xbox 360 is on top for the first time in 3 years? Is because the ps3 and the wii are in so high in demand that sony/nintendo can't keep up so that's y the 360 is on top lol fanboys I tell you

evrfighter3078d ago

so the ps3 being in such high demand still can't get out of 3rd place here in the US?

Pretty sad

HxCGamer3078d ago

do u understand what shortages are haha

GiantEnemyCrab3077d ago

do u understand what a sore loser is haha

When you lose a game do you say things like "oh the controller slipped" or "oh the game glitched" or "oh my mom was trying to brush my hair".

Probably all the above.

alphakennybody3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Someone thristy for hits,this kind of article will easily make the front page on dry news days.Celebrate while you can though It won't be long before the wii and the ps3 re-stock again.

WildArmed3078d ago

lol restock or not.
GoW3 is gonna hit March extremely hard. =p

OrganicMachine3078d ago

I notice the sudden influx of pro-xbox360 "articles"