GDC 10: The Grinder No Longer First-Person Shooter

Behind closed doors, High Voltage Software revealed to IGN the first playable of The Grinder on the Xbox 360. And it was not a first-person shooter at all.

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AEtherbane2814d ago

O well.... They say the wii version may stay an FPS... i can only hope
btw, images found here

Cajun Chicken2814d ago

WHAT on Earth? I really hope this is just the 360 and PS3 version...

SpoonyRedMage2814d ago

I'm thinking there won't be a Wii version...

and it will be a $15 download.

tunaks12814d ago

that was the last string HVS
the last string im sorry.

AEtherbane2813d ago

Its only like this for the HD versions, no details on weather or not the HD versions are full retail or Downloadable, but it looks like the Wii version is still an FPS.