NPD: Xbox 360 outsells Wii in February

GamePro: The Microsoft console claims the top spot in U.S for the first time in more than two years. Meanwhile, the PlayStation 3 sold 360,100 units, which while only good enough for third place represented a 30 percent increase on February 2009.

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Nicholas Cage3116d ago

because the ps3 outsold the 360 in worldwide sales. how in the devil did this get approved?

SasanovaS19873116d ago

why do these articles never specify its only US sales? its funny how the 360 is in last place this month in overall sales worldwide, but they have to twist zhit around to make them selves look appealing. truth is, they do have their brainwashed fanbase under control, who can blame em


Looks like for some people World Wide sales is irrelevant, and the relevant thing are the only United States of America Sales.

csimpson3116d ago

SasanovaS1987: The article specifies "the top spot in the U.S. monthly sales ranking" in the first sentence.

BRG90003116d ago

Also, it says "NPD" right in the title. Which means North American sales.

soxfan20053116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Yeah, it does say NPD.

morganfell3116d ago

It's a duplicate because it has the same data from here:

and here:

Maddens Raiders3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

"feel good" article for the aged 360.

Next article: "Webster's officially changes the definition of national from: of a nation to mean of the world."

FACTUAL evidence3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

America is the world. Some people will just never know....sad sad world.

MazzingerZ3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Yeah I can confirm that, the world is going nuts for the X360, sold out everywhere, riots are reported in Tokyo, Rome, Amsterdan, Stockholm, Porto, Barcelona,...and the list goes on.

I'm so happy I have one but fear for my life..if people finds out...I better check my door i locked.

I love the Halo 3 pic for the (breaking) "news" article LOL

mint royale3116d ago

Damn I don't see ps3 fans in media create sales threads complaining its only Japan. Hmm someone mentioned brainwashed fans up there. Maybe some people shouldn't just completely attribute that to the 360.

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Tony-A3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

I love how *SOME PEOPLE* approve this NPD article, but report the worldwide one... you know who you are ;)

Obama3116d ago

360 last place in the world; apparently the world sales data is not as important as the US sales data.

GrrrlGamerX3116d ago

N4G is an American site, is it not? Over half of its audience is American. I'm just saying...

Tony-A3116d ago

And that totally means the rest aren't welcome.

That totally means the rest of the world's sales shouldn't be heard.

Come on, dude... the US is mostly home to English-speaking people, but we make room for those who don't, either.

GrrrlGamerX3116d ago

Not at all. Of course everyone else is welcome -- but the site it from the US, so it should be allowed to concentrate on US sales figures. They do the same thing at

evrfighter3116d ago

oh wow

someone I've never seen before just laid some smack down...


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acidspew3116d ago

Negative comments left by PS3 fanboys /yawn.

Seraphemz3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

This has got to be one of the worst generations of gaming that i have ever been a part of.

Its all about sales and who sold more in the US or who sold more in the world, and 2 states are bigger then Italy so Italy doesnt really count ( and actual point made )

I cant believe that this many people come here day in and day out doing the same thing over and over again. " my system sold more" " yeah well my system sold more 2 months ago" " well my system has better games....and your system is ugly..."

As long as a company is making enough to stay in business...thats what we should care about.

And thankfully ALL 3 systems are doing well...

Pen Pooh3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

It's human nature to back your own team/car/console in the face of competition. Watching sports would be pretty boring if nobody cared which team won.

I agree that the constant sales updates and 'who will win the console war?' articles do get tedious though.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Yeap, like some people expect games with scores for 9.5 or 10. Or X Millions of sales in just 1 week.

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