G4TV: PlayStation Move Hands On Impressions

In this Talkabout, G4's Patrick Klepek and Andrew Pfister found time in their busy, busy schedules to meet up during GDC 2010 to share their impressions of Sony's newly named PlayStation Move motion controller now that they have tested it out for themselves. An insightful and fireside chat-ish discussion awaits you below.

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DJRecordHIGH3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

I would select that as opposed to the 'My Approval'

A 3 minute dialogue between these two dudes would have definitely sufficed. IMO .... I think SONY might just be a bit too late to the whole full-motion control party. Too few details though to really shoot the whole idea down. I'm excited to see what transpires over the next couple of months.

ChozenWoan3051d ago

It seems to me that there is more excitement for the PSMove and as a result, people are trying to contain themselves and their expectations. They remember how the Wii promised to deliver this kind of motion control and came up short, so no one wants to set themselves up for that kind of disappointment again.

At E3, I'm sure Sony will unleash a massive storm of PSMove games, both hardcore and casual. Not to mention 3D games and movies to put them over the top.

Now the only real question is which PS3 exclusive will capture GOTY.