Media Create hardware sales (3/1 - 3/7)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales figures from Japan.

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Valay2813d ago

Wow. Insane boost for the PSP.

Noctis Aftermath2813d ago

What was the reason for the boost?

chrisnick2813d ago

one week, 1/3 of the 360s american lead gone. I don't know why people say japan doesn't matter and ms has the right idea keeping the 360 in there. If it gets some kind of a foothold and can compete there, then they could breathe easy.

jahcure2813d ago

wasn't it this week that the psp had a temp drop in price

Noctis Aftermath2813d ago

@above: the only price drop iam aware of is the one in america and was only a $20 price drop.

badz1492813d ago

what more surprising is the DS numbers! although all 3 models combined will total at around 43k, that's kinda low for DS in Japan! this can only means 1 of these 2 things;

1) they're tired having breakfast with the DS cereal; or
2) they're getting the memo that consoles is the way to go! (but still PSP number is kinda unnatural!)

BiggCMan2813d ago

so look at this, the ps2 roughly sells 1000 to 1500 per week in japan, thats just over 54000 per year, in japan only. So depending on worldwide sales for the ps2, it could possibly still be selling more than 100K units per year worldwide, which obviously is terrible for the current gen systems, but for ps2, that is damn good!!

randomwiz2813d ago

The ps2 is selling millions annually still, not hundreds of thousands.

NeoBasch2813d ago

Holy $hit! The original PSP just outsold all versions of the DS combined. That's some hot $hit right there. Good job, Sony!

Tony-A2813d ago

True that. The PS2 sold over 5 million last year!

rockleex2813d ago

God Eater is catching on like wildfire and Monster Hunter better prepare for a fight? :P

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LordMarius2813d ago

buh buh buh 60K difference

plb2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

buh buh do you live in Japan? Why do you care? Have you ever been to Japan? I was stationed there for 6 months. Japanese people love Sony products and there are tons more Japanese games on PS3 than 360.

Tony-A2813d ago

Same reason you would care about sales in the country you live in.


It's the same reason you care about sales in the first place.

plb2813d ago

^^ I don't care about numbers at all's just amusing reading all the posts in here.

cayal2813d ago

"buh buh buh 60K difference"

This is why Japan matters. No matter how much the fanboys love the NPD, everything counts.
PS3 outsells 360 by minimum 20k a week in Japan. That's 80k a month (1.2million a year). That already puts the PS3 ahead in February and that doesn't include Europe.

Ilikegames762813d ago

why this zone is called the "Open Zone". Kinda funny to hear you complaining in this zone. Gamer zone gets kinda boring, now this zone is where the actions/stupidities/humors are.

dustgavin2813d ago

"buh buh do you live in Japan? Why do you care? Have you ever been to Japan? I was stationed there for 6 months"

Sounds like plb was one of the few people that bought a 360 in Japan. Talk about sour grapes!

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-Mezzo-2813d ago

Agreed, PSP has done very well.

Valay2813d ago

I'm actually having trouble figuring out why the PSP sales are up so much this week. I don't think a big, new game came out...

Ilikegames762813d ago

tired of the ndsl and shifting their focus on the psp.

Nitrowolf22813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

wow psp doubled from nearly previous week

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